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  1. So this started happening to my flowers when i flipped them and it wasnt really an issue but now in my veg room theyre all doin this shit. Its only happening to one strain my orange velvet not on any others. Im not sure if its fungus or hard water or nute deficiency ive tried flushing and spraying but with little results. So many different signs are showing i cant pin point any one element being deficient.

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  2. It looks to me like anaerobic bacterial condition -vs- fungal root rot. Flushing doesn't help, drying out the soil does. I'd poke as many skewer holes straight down thru the soil as I can make and add some heat to it to increase evaporation. Don't listen to anyone proclaiming hydrogen peroxide as a cure all, it will kill off the good bacteria that compete with the crappy invasive ones.
  3. I oxygenate my water and use beneficial bacterias and tirchoderms in the soil. Perhaps they just didnt stick i guess
  4. Might have taken, sometimes people just water too much, then a problem develops and they 'flush' and it gets worse, then they spray it some more... try drying it out, might work. Sure can't hurt. Think I'd lug it outside to see some sun if you don't have a seedling mat to stick it on.

    Bummer! That's a good strain too...
  5. Yeah ive only been watering every sun and weds and usually little to no run off and ive let them dry out (not purposefully) twice in the 5 weeks theyve been transplanted. My friend is using the same nutes as me and ran into the same issue its just puzzling me why every affected leaf looks different in its symptoms. Ive pullsd a good crop from worse situations but this i just want some second opinions incase it keeps happening i just dont want to find that its viral. Im a tobacco smoker and i have a vegetable garden out back and my raspberries are showing the same kind of shit
  6. That looks identical to a strain of Northern Lights that I grew. The rest of my grow did phenomenal while my NL plant suffered as yours is. Not wanting to give up, I cloned that strain and tried again taking all kinds of measures to treat it with all the TLC my experience and resources could muster with the same results. Sometimes the plant's genetics are to blame. Your situation may not be the same at all but I thought I'd share my experience with you

    Good luck!

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