WTF? my energy drink tastes like beer :/

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pieman615, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. hey guys i live in Australia im not sure if youve heard of the energy drink called mother.
    well i drink it sometimes and today it tasted EXACTLY like beer and i hate beer id drink anything else in the world im no pussy haha.

    anyway i gave it to my friends haaha
    has something like that happened to you guys :)
  2. they do have alcoholic energy drinks on the market like "tilt" or "sparks" which have like a 8.0 alc. content. Check the label you might have bought one like this on accident. not sure if they sell them down under though
  3. nah i drink this sometimes and this store doesn't sell anything alcoholic. The only energy/alcohol drinks i know of is pulse lol theres afew others but i forget.
    Its really weird they must have mixed the beer accidentally into the can
  4. maybe it was fermented.
  5. I know what I<3bud is talking about, I've had those Sparks drinks before. They aren't bad, but they don't really taste like beer. But that's weird that you had an energy drink that tasted like it. Never heard of Mother, don't think we have that in the US.
  6. for a while, water kind of tasted and felt like i was drinking vodka. i stopped drinking water for like a week when that started and then it went away, ha. i wish all my drinks tasted like beer. i wish all the drinks i drank were beer.
  7. the best one is called juice.

    sooooo good
  8. um guyss haha i drink this sometimes and i KNOW that it has no alchohol
  9. i think the company that owns budweiser had to pay reparations after a lawsuit over their alcoholic energy drink, and its unavailable now.

    wish i had some beer right now, it bein st patty's day an' all.
  10. it's not juice its JOOOSE haha
  11. Nothing like this has happened to me. I like the taste of beer but i don't see the point w/o alcohol. I did however have some BO one day and it smelled like some really skunky weed i had. It probably didn't smell the same but it definitely reminded me of it. Thats the most i can relate.
  12. i haven't had an energy drink taste like beer, but bud extra (raspberry) tastes like Rockstar. its weird.
  13. you know whats good?


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