WTF!!?!?! More bullshit on the news...

Discussion in 'General' started by Mirs99, May 19, 2003.

  1. I'm watching the "news" right now. I don't really consider FOX News anything but shameless tripe. Tonight they've proved me correct. Tune in and watch the bullshit. Apparently shortly they are going to tell us about websites that teach children to use drugs. One of these sites? I don't think I need to say anymore...

  2. erowid is the shit, fox new is stupid.

  3. Yet more proof that FOX news is the true incarnation of the anti christ, or at least a bunch of biased jerks.

    remember this the next time they claim to be 'fair and balanced'
  4. that's fucking bullshit man.....erowid is one of the best sites, at actually telling it like it is...good bad or doesn't come out with any lines like...."smoke pot and donate to terrorism" that site goes down due to those assholes, i'm gonna send e-mails to fox from now till eternity telling them how much of a bunch of ass licking wanna be up Bush's ass bastards.......Peace out........Sid
  5. Dude i watched fox last night and they didn't say anything about it.

  6. exactly what they want.

    and i DO mean "they"

    "they" want drug use to be as unsafe as possable so they can all point the finger and say "look, see what these depraved individuals are doing to themselves? isnt it terrible? tut tut. drugs are bad!" .... all part of the prohibitionists tactics. and we all know the prohibitionists have the american networks wrapped around their little finger.
  7. thats a funny pic billy bong!

    i totally agree with you told. well said.

  8. Mirs99 where are you from maybe this news short was only in the philly area (i saw it on fox aswell)
  9. the news is all lies, i dont watch it

  10. i watch it to see what lies they're telling us.
    besides, im in the UK... its not nearly as bad here.
  11. American news sucks more than a $2 hooker, especially Fox.... I swear if they take down erowid I will fly to NYC and kick some O'Reily ASS!!

  12. I'm from the Philly area too, so maybe it was.
  13. They can't take down Erowid, whether it's based in the US or not. It's not doing anything illegal. Or do they sell bongs? I've not noticed.

    On the other hand, I could be totally naive thinking that, and the CIA could be sending a stealth bomber to the Erowid servers right now.

  14. they've done worse for less in the past.
    might be a bit too high profile tho.

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