Wtf Just happened??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MisterSwisher420, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Okay so i water my plant every 2-3 days. The soil is bone dry by 3 days.

    The soil was dry, and I just mixed up nutes at half strength, then poured them in a glass and diluted it even more.
    Then fed my plant with them.

    Not even an hour later she got droopy as fuck. Like idk what the fuck happened.

    Is this normal for their first feeding???
    Did I just kill her...? She's never done this any time I've watered her.
  2. How do you gauge when to water? Have you lifted the pot to see if there is any water hanging around the roots? That's really the best way to check.
  3. You mixed how much of which nutes with how much water?
  4. 1 1/2 tsp of ff grow big in a 2 liter (half gallon)
    and then 2 tsp of big bloom in a 2 liter (half gallon)
    Its normally 3 tsp of gb and 4 of bb for a gallon.

    Then i put ro water in a cup halfway full and then added a quarter of the glass of each grow big and big bloom that I had mixed and then put it in the soil. I didn't even use the whole cup.

    Also the soil was bone dry. Honestly after doing a lil research my plants just sucked up the nutrients and it weighs more than well normal water weighs so it weighed the plant down a bit. But its gonna perk up and grow stronger now... I hope lol
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  5. Post of picture of your plant if you can. It makes it easier to signify
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  6. Its already perking up. I guess its normal. Or so google says.
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  7. I've never had my plant droop after a water :/

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  8. That's definitely not normal. Not suppose to droop. If they droop from watering it's cuz the roots are drowning and need oxygen. Aka too much water. Careful with the foxfarm nutes. Even half dose is can be too much. I started with quarter tsp of grow big and tsp of big bloom and even then I had a little burn lol
  9. When I water my plants the entire plant will start moving around. You can see how the water pressure increases thru it's stems. Kinda cool

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