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Wtf just happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iAurorAi, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. #1 iAurorAi, Aug 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, 2012
    I just opened my window to smoke a lightly packed one hitter. l I light the lighter, stuck it into the bowl and get a clean whistly inhale. I get some smoke, look into the bowl and the weeds gone. I didnt inhale that shit did I? Like could that have gone into my lungs

    Seriously. I didnt have a screen either. If it actually got into my lungs would it hurt, would I know?
  2. i mean, its a one hitter.....
  3. you'd know if you inhaled that shit.

    i hate when you suck that shit through. gritty taste in your mouth.
  4. Its probably in your lungs for good.

  5. Yeah, I hate getting "scooby snacks" when I take a hit.
  6. i dont think it would have went into your lungs? i thought the throat was supposed to stop that...

  7. and to add its a 1 hitter that much herb wouldnt cause any damage
  8. You might have dropped it before and got resin or maybe between your hit and when you looked
  9. Trust me, i think you would know if you inhaled something
  10. in my opinion i honestly think u dropped it out ur window by accidently breathing through it while u went to go hit it. then u only got a little smoke because the rest had dropped. check outside ur window?
  11. Oh shit! You're going to grow a weed plant in your lung now! The good news is you'll get high every time you jog now. Bad news is, you have a weed plant in your lung. Good luck!
  12. I have a question! Please help!

    For my 18th birthday me and my dad went to Amsterdam and I tried smoking for the first time.(never done it in my life) It was a really cool experience and I dont regret it. It didnt feel the open mindedness or anything I jusT felt relaxed and I thought everything was hilarious. We probably only smoked like 3 times (we didn't buy that much). I also got a little drunk as well. (all in one night) I remember the night we got back to the hotel, I couldnt tell if the high had gone down and I started to panic. The next day I felt different then I did before. I felt like my thoughts weren't flowing the same away they were before and I felt tired. I felt this cloud in my head. I felt slow and I felt I was perceiving things differentely.

    When I got back from the trip, i felt like my thoughts didn't flow the way they did before and I started to become afraid of creating and thinking of my video ideas because I though my ideas weren't flowing and any idea that I had as just from me smoking.

    It has now almost been 2 years and I am about turn turn 20.....since then I have convinced myself that it was just in my head and that this is just the way I think now and that my ideas for movies and about everything are just me and not from the weed experience. I do still worry sometimes if i am damaged. Sometimes I don't feel like I am actuallly looking I at something sometimes, like I when I see mountains for the first time, I have to really realize what I'm looking at. Same with art and other beautiful scenery. I think I am scared that the abstract thought that I will have will have just been about my weed experience. My thoughts do get slow from time to time. I do still carry around the cloudy feeling in my head.

    Am I in derealization?

    Does marijuana effect how you create even if you have only done it once?

    Am I just paranoid that because i did it once that I am damaged and think that all my ideas are from that experience?

    Am I damaged or just paranoid?


  13. Umm... no. You have a learning disorder.
  14. [quote name='"EnjoiKush"']

    Umm... no. You have a learning disorder.[/quote]

    Ok well that's neither funny or helpful. That poster came to us with a problem and trusted that he or she would be taken seriously, but it seems you just kind of mocked his or her problem.
    Sorry man, not sure, I've never had an experience like that. Maybe someone more helpful with more experience than I could chime in. Best wishes.
  15. You know when you've eaten a scooby snack.

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