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    I hate posting threads that are seek help, but I honeslty have lost hope in everything else so I decided to give GC a try. Well I was just at a doctors apointment (with my Mom and Dad) and on the questions both me and my mom had to fill out before seeing the doctor mentioned ave you/your child smoked marijuana in the past? I answered yes, however my mom answered yes, in the past week. So this being the doctor mentioned that during our session, and stated that if he would perscribe me this medicine that I would have to quit smoking. My dad then came to the conclusion to DT me, and I, of course failed. (I have been caught in the past). It really sucks because I cannot live in my parents house, and smoke cannabis.

    I can easily quit, but I feel like it is disrespectful to my friends who do it, and to Marijuana itself. I have no place to live if I keep smoking, but I do not think it is necessary. Yes I know having a house is more important than bud, but I can not come to the conclusion on weather or not I should quit. To add more fuel to the fire I might not live be out of my moms house for up to 3 years. I could use any help you guys can offer, but I ask you not to be a dick if you could please.

    one love, dkj :smoke:
  2. wait what?
  3. Lol the ganja isn't going anywhere just so you know bro.

    Maybe just smoke outside the house and be more discreet about it.
  4. Just chill man, the weed will still be around when you find your own place.
  5. I'm discreet about it, its the drug test that get me caught

  6. I'm failing to see how and why you came to the conclusion that it would be disrespectful to your friends if you quit smoking? Also it's just a plant. It's not like it's a person so I doubt it'll be disrespected if you don't smoke it. Hell if you wanna trip out, it probably would prefer that you not smoke it since it would therefor "kill" it LOL

    Anways, the answer is quite simple and you are really showing your age here with all this rebelliousness/immaturity/disrespect.

    Your parents house, their rules. No if's, and's, or but's. You wanna smoke, find a place to live. If you can't move then you gotta respect their wishes.
  7. maybe you should quit until your parents think you are old enough to make your own decisions

    you don't have to be atleast 18 to use this site?
  8. def. not worth gettin kicked out for. just quit for a while.

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