WTF just happened? IDK just glad to be outta jail tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. Now this is some crazy shizzle, today I fixed my bike, got a new job i start tomorrow, and went riding most of the day. A pretty pimpin' day so far. I decide with my new bike that i should go down the skatepark and get my ride on. A block from the skatepark i'm turning left and some drunk idiot asshole fuckin runs a stopsign and fuckin hits my ride, fucked it all up too, that punkbitch. So i pull over, and look to see where he is and he hauls ass.

    I was like FUCK YOU PUNK YOU"RE NOT GETTIN AWAY! and i hit tha throttle and afyer a few seconds of full throttle parking lot shortcut action and a curb jump i'm behinf him. I pull in the middle lane and try to block him, he cuts down a side street and then turns down a dead end. I saw where he went and i circled the block, just as i was coming up to block off the road where he was down he comes haulin' ass down the hill, almost hits me again, loses control, and spins out and hits a shed in someone's backyard, fucked all kinds of shit up. I hop outta my car and run up to his, he jumps out of the car like he's all badass and he looked like he saw the size of me and got scared. It took everything i had for self control and then some not to knock his skinny drunk ass straigh te fuck out.

    Anyways cops show up, he gets a DUI and goes away. Cops run my name and come up with a 5 year old warrant for an unpaid ticket.

    Guess who went to jail tonight (besides the punkass mofo that hit me)

    Yep, so needeless to say i had a fun night of getting hit, huntin' this mofo down in my hood, and then going off to sit in a concrete cell for hours b/c of some bullshit ticket i had 5 years ago.

    But they din't get my weed maaan!!!!

    I had also just happened to roll a joint and toss it in my toolbag for my bike, after the whole hit n run, pursuit, and subsequent termination of pursuit, the cops were there, 3 of 'em and i thought about my fatty. FUCK!!! Since at this time i was still victim and hadn't had warrant come back, i was still "free" so i went in my bag and found the j, cops stnading right there, i palmed the lil bottle thing i stashed it in, and then went around the side of my ride and bent down to "inspect the damage" when i causally tossed my stash in the bushes behind me.

    Did i mention the cop that arrested me is a friend of mine? He felt all kinds of bad about having to arrest me but he was real cool about it and i told him not to worry about it, i know he gotta do it, and at least he got to make the arrest persoanlly instead of some other asshole cop.

    Fast forward 6 hours, i get outta jail, bondsamn drivers me home, i realize i have no keys bc i gave them to cop friend so he can take care of my bike (which he put in local police station so nobody would try stealin it out my ride, and he let me park my ride so it wouldn't get towed and locked all my shit up for me.

    After breaking into my apt and finding my other set of keys for the car i walked the mile across town to the police station, got my bike, and my keys were attached to it. Went and got my car, and also was eve able to retrieve my joint. Speaking of joint, i'm sparkin' that mofo up right now!

    Fuck, it's been a long ass crazy fuckin' dayand now in a few hours i gotta get up and start my new job. So mmuch for kivkin' back and resting up tonight.

    So, how was your day? haha!

  2. Here's a pic,,,

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  3. e heh heh man sounds like a krazy day. action adventure a lil comedy some jail and back smokin at home in time to work.

    nice one :-D
  4. lol, action packed day, he? sorry about the jail shit, but at least the dui got busted as well. if the bastard got away from you, you'd be even more pissed. i would at any rate. nice job with the J btw :)
  5. wow, i just played frisbee all day.

    that is crazy. it really sucks that nothing happens about the bike and the dude
  6. There was no fuckin' way i was lettin' him get away, my car is faster, and outhandles the delta88. Also i'm trained for code 3 emergency driving, i was in the same class with a lot of the cops here. The cop who arrested me hooked me up big time tho, he worked it so my vehicle didn't get impounded, he didn't write me any tickets for engaging in high speed pursuit, and he made sure they treated me good in county jail.

    I saw my car in the daylight finally and now i wish i woulda beat his fuckin ass so he can go to jail w/an ass whoopin.

    The job was cool, i just got home, and i'm actually tired from work, hell yeah. I got that rugged gnardogg job i wanted even if it's only for 2 weeks till the project is finished, but i think i'll get more work through the same contractor.

    Also, b/c i was on my way to the skatepakr to ride i had my helmet on when he hit me, all during the chase and i stll had it on when i ran up to him ready to kick some ass.

    yeah, some crazy shizzle.
  7. damn that sucks..

    6hrs in jail? thats it??

    try sitting in there for 14hrs.. twice :(
  8. Wouldnt happen to have the pics of ur rides fuked upness would u?

    This thread is from 2003. Old news, now. *RMJL

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