Wtf is wrong with my stomach?!?!

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  1. So guys I need some opinions on a stomach issue, so this year I've noticed that during my 5th and 6th periods both are right after lunch, my stomach will start to like gurgle like I have to shit and I'll have to hold it in and it makes that weird ass gurgle sound, the weird thing is it just started this year. Usually right after I eat lunch I go to the bathroom and take a dump so I cab try to stop it but it doesn't always work. I eat pretty healthy I mean no one eats a perfect diet, lunch I usually have a sandwich with wheat bread, an apple or orange, Gatorade, chips and like Oreos or something like that. It's really annoying because once I get that feeling like I need to shit my ass will start to sweat and then the gurgling feeling will keep coming back. I'm starting to think I have some weird anxiety going on or something, I've always had a weak stomach in the sense that if I eat something with a bunch weird spices my stomach will get upset really easy.

    Anyone got any ideas what is going on?
  2. What do you eat before lunch?? And do you eat the school's lunch or is it your own?
    Try cutting the gatorade, chips, and oreos and see what happens.

    Oh and what do you put on your sandwich?
  3. That's what I was thinking about doing, just gonna bring some extra fruit and a granola bar tomorrow, the sandwich is either pbj or turkey
  4. im willing to bet that sandwich and the gatorade are whats fucking you up. school probably uses cheap ass meat and cheese.
  5. Well, my stomach is gargling just reading what you eat, haha. After lunch, your stomach is having a hard time breaking down all that junk you're putting into it, and the result is the automatic rage inside to release the bad toxins. You're getting the citric acids with the apple or orange, the sugar & artificial flavoring from Gatorade, the warm meat and cheese from your school's deli and the fat and lard in the Oreo's + the chips (whichever kind) all crushing together in your stomach at once. Try cutting back with jamming all of these toxins in your body at once.
  6. You might have an intolerance to something....fructose,glutten,insilan resistance

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