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WTF is wrong with my plants?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Buzzy12397, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. 2 ww auto
    1 original amnesia auto
    All in soil

    The top looks okay but there are various bottom leaves slowly turning yellow then dying. Is that normal or what is wrong? Advice, suggestions please.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Nitrogen defecincy

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  3. How can i fix that?

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    I would not do a thing. When they get ready to fall off they'll come off with a gentle tug.... your leaves are still very dark and feeding it nitro now in flower as an auto would probably be a nightmare.

    Whenever you start doing your flower feedings just make sure there is a touch of N in it... but I still wouldn't rush to feed any of em except that first picture it's looking like it's lightening up more than the others by far.

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  5. Okay cool I'll just be patient then. The leaves that are dying just fall off i don't have to to much of anything
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  6. That suuuucks. Btw i took ur advice got a ffof and perilite and stop being a cheap ass lol. Gonna transplant my seedlings soon (totally off topic)
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  7. I actually don't like the foxfarm it has just been my go to I would make your own 3 parts peat moss

    3 parts compost

    2 parts perlite, pre-wet I would do 50% but that's just because I like drainage means you water more plants happier lol

    1 part vermiculite, pre-wet I'm working on making a Coco coir set up for the first time working on a good way to drain the water lol thinking about building a platform set it at a slight angle and using plant saucers and hydro fittings to a hose to drain to waste never done that but seen people having great results like that watering everyday tho

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  8. For your present grow feed the nitrogen fuck what people say just do it in a lower dose like 1/4-1/2 I would start low and if it gets worse in a day or two slowly increase it until your caught up your just a little behind on your nutes no biggie nothing can be done besides some TLC at this point I would add a small amount of grow with your bloom nutes I feed lightly the whole grow

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  9. Brooo lmao i felt so proud buying this soil today lol oh well live and learn. I got other plants anyways. What was ur problem ffof? I remember your post about the rust spots on leaves, (atleast im almost positive it was one of your post) did the ffof attribute to that? I'vr read that some ppl love it while others refer to it as being too "hot"
  10. I used the fox farms ocean forest with good success... added some dolomite lime and and good bit of perlite about a 60/40 mix... but it was a bit hot at first... this grow im going with happy frog and some perlite not nearly as much... probably a 85/15 mix and of course I added some dolomite lime as well but the happy frog is pretty light stuff so I'm not concerned... So far I'm liking it. It's also cheaper here where I am. But it all boils down to what you can get buying soil online isn't happening for me just to expensive for the little amounts they'll ship. But I mean in most cities there is at least one nursery that has every soil known to man haha most people are just to lazy to look at least you got the ocean forest a lot would of cheaped out and bought something from Wally World.
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    Did I not say give the plants bloom nutes that contain a small amount of nitrogen?... that's all Op needs shit look at half of his leaves they have nitro claw... I wouldn't be concerned at all on any of those plants except the top one which still isn't bad and has nitro claw on some leaves!... The rest just have a couple leaves dying big whoop it happens I go through and pull off all the dead leaves once a week on my grow but I sure don't run for the nitro. He's running autos he doesn't want a bad nitro overdose in flower and adding veg nutes with bloom nutes that already contain nitro is just gonna hurt his yield..

    OP I'm just trying to help you out the worst thing you can do in flower with an auto is give it excess nitrogen and I would just stick with some bloom nutes with a low dose of nitrogen in them for example mine is 3-12-6... I also have some stuff with a bit less if I feel they don't need any. I have no clue why the other dudes getting all defensive and saying fuck what I'm saying but maybe he needs to go smoke some and maybe go read this site The Basics Tutorial: Learn How to Grow Cannabis Indoors! | Grow Weed Easy he doesn't even have a grow journal up... he probably did the same shit he's telling you to do and fried his plants so now he's upset that he has nothing to smoke... probably why he was so rude earlier... makes since.

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