Wtf is wrong. Jumpstart didnt work

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  1. I left my lights on and my car died. I had my boss jump my 98 jeep Wrangler and the battery charged enough so it would try to turn over a bit but wouldn't make it. Then after many tries it still tries to turn over but them this really fast high pitched clicking sound happens. My boss said my starter is fucked up?????
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    Aw sweet you've got a wrangler? 4.0? Iv seen cars with bad starters do the fast clicking but also have seen it when its just the battery is dead. Are you sure you jumped it properly? Positive on dead vehicle, positive on jumper vehicle, negative on jumper vehicle, good chassis ground on dead vehicle. Id remove the battery and take it to the auto parts store to have it tested. If bad, replace. If week have them set it on the charger for a few hours (unless you have one). If the battery checks out ok then the starter is the next area to look into.
    Also, any check engine lights/codes? I read you can cycle the key from off to accessory a few times real quick and it will show codes where the odometer is.
  3. The battery will only take a charge from a battery charger once it's dead. Take out the battery and charge it or take it to an auto parts store and they will charge it for free, usually.
  4. replace your battery dude
  5. Sometimes if the car giving the jump is smaller than the one receiving it you have to give it some gas. Other than that it might just be a bad battery or your boss is right.
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    If the battery is charged then your starter solenoid may be stuck. Crawl under the heep and whack that fucker with a hammer, then try to start it. If that doesn't work put a new battery in her, if she still won't start let us know

    Not trying to make a joke here, hit it with a hammer

    98 would be OBD2, so the key trick or the jumper wire trick is unnecessary, if the check engine light is on then when you go to the auto parts store tell them you want them to scan the brain and pull the codes. Turn the engine off power on, they will plug a little scanner in an tell you what codes its throwing if the light is on.

  7. This is correct however I read online that even though its obd2, cycling the key can illuminate a code. If the check engine light is on, then yes they should have an auto parts store plug in a scanner. Good advice on wacking the starter, got a winch working that way to :D
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about the high-frequency clicking, I get that a lot with dead batteries. Jump starts never work for me either..
  9. Sounds like a dead battery. Get a good jump from a larger vehicle or take the battery out and have an autoparts store charge/check it.

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