WTF is with people not wanting to smoke?

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    serriously.. whenever I text this friend wanting to smoke up its useally "naw man" .when I know for a fact he spends his hours sitting around at home with his hand down his pants lol. but even with my friends that have lives, its the same thing. "naw I dont feel it today". :mad: but they wanna chill, just not smoke. ive seen them smoke many times.
    whenever I get a text from a friend wanting to smoke up, im fucking there in a heartbeat (unless im with my girl or already smoking with people)

    do you have problems with people who just randomly become anti pot at times?

    and dont you hate people who say they quit once every couple weeks and then are right back on it?
  2. not everyone wants to be high 24/7. they have lives that dont revolve around weed.
  3. smoke by yourself....?

  4. Thread solved in the first two posts. Bravo.
  5. I use to smoke daily and feel the need to always want to be high, now I don't need to be high; it's just somthing fun to do.
  6. I turn down smoke seshes when I don't feel like getting high. Smoking weed is not necessarily a super great time for everybody.
  7. Maybe they have shit to do :confused_2:
  8. You don't depend on those party poopers to get high! Fire it up by yourself if you have to. Fuck them if they don't want to have a good time! You have to live your own life and go your own way. Smoke it out, dude. Don't listen to those whiners and jack offs. Be Happy! :)
  9. Yeah understandable. but when I know theyre not doing shit all.. then I get pissed
  10. maybe they dont like you and your trying to get them to like you by offering them bud. if this is the case, then you either have bad bud or they really dont like you
  11. the only time im not getting high is when im doing my homework or when im at school.
  12. Maybe you're that smoking buddy who's not annoying enough to alienate outright but they instead choose to passively-aggressively shut you out :eek:

    Seriously, do you get paranoid when you smoke? How's your etiquette? I know our group would shut people out who seriously violated our very lenient rules
  13. its that attitude that is deterring you probably..

    the attitude like dude i know you arent doing anything, lemme come over and blaze..

    thats when i say, "naw man" LOL
  14. Every once in awhile, I turn down a sesh, maybe its just you keep asking when they don't want too. Who knows, but the first two posts did sum it up.
  15. Do you follow basic etiquette?

    - Don’t ask or expect others to supply the kind. Making a habit of showing up dry will get you branded a leach in no time.
    - Share your green equally.
    - Don’t slobber on the piece/joint/whatever.
    - Don’t be a know-it-all. Different people have different techniques. If they see something they want to try, they will.
    - If you break someone’s piece offer to pay for it or replace it.
    - Puff-Pass only. Puff-(puff)-Pass (AKA: sneak puffs) are noticeable and quietly despised.
    - Corner the bowl, don’t center hit (torch it).
    - Share your munchies, or pay for the pizza if others are supplying the kind.
    - Don’t blow smoke at other people you’ve just met. Many people don’t like it.
    - Don’t be a joint/blunt hog.
    - Don’t be a storyteller. Take your hit and pass. Then talk.
    - Be respectful and considerate in general.

    There are more tips, but those are a few off the top of my head. If you have been habitually breaking most of them, then people may just not want to hang with you.

    However, if you are a generally good buddy then it probably isn't you. Part of being a responsible smoker, or drinker, or partier, means that ‘real life’ takes priority over play. Don't worry about it. When they are available they will find you.
  16. You answered your own question;)

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