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  1. I went to adopt a dog, I called the shelter, they had a female and male mixed Jack Russell, so I drove the forty mile in the snow to get to the shelter, they bring out the female first nice looking dog but a total spaz, won't even look at me, then I asked to see the male, he came right up to me, let me pet him, I scratched him behind his ear. like my dog loves, and the shelter dog loved it, and looked up at me like he knew, I was ok and wanted him, then I went and got my 18 month old Russell, the two hit it off right away, were playing and getting along, until the lady from the shelter say my dog is not spayed, and gave me a bunch of shit about my dog not being spayed then rudely told me that, I will not be adopting a dog from them, I was pissed after driving 80 miles in the snow, to get a dog, but get a bunch of crap instead, then looked at craigslist and the internet, it seems that is the standard, every dog from a shelter, rescue, private party is spaying before you adopt, I don't want spayed dogs, I want the option to have puppies in the future cause, I love my Jack Russell and would love some little puppies running around.
  2. In the place to be
  3. Looks like she


    was a bitch.
  4. The one near me actually has to come out and check out your house and be sure you have a fenced yard....
  5. I live in Nevada, my house is fine, so is my yard, its the fact my dog is not spayed, and won't be. because its a right and its my choice not there's, and I would like some puppies running around. he is a good dog and I love him very much, so how can I take his man hood, I can't and won't.
  6. Oh shelter folk are so ignorant.
  7. I guess you need to imagine her point of view. She works at an animal shelter and is constantly forced to kill unwanted animals. You come along, adopting a pet, great. But plan to create future pets that will take the chances away of some of her animals.

    How would you feel?
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    I got the space, money, time to build a kennel and take the time to find them good homes, I'm talking one or two litters. that's it, I'm not breeding and selling dogs for a living. at first it was to get a playmate male or female didn't care, cause I knew they spay every thing they adopt, but been treated like I'm a piece of shit, so now I will go to a breeder, cause I have tried a few times to adopt, been denied. and I haven't fully committed to the kennel idea yet.
  9. If you want a dog that's not spayed, honestly a shelter is just not the right place to be looking.

    Around here it's basically mandatory that all shelters have dogs who have been spayed or neutered.

    If you want a dog that's not spayed or neutered then you need to go and find a breeder or just some one that has puppies.
  10. That is bullshit Op!!! Having a dog of your own have puppies is so awesome!
  11. fuck that lady!! You sound like you genuinely care about dogs and you were offering to adopt a dog that lives 24/7 in a cage.. That lady denied that dog a chance at a good home over a dumb reason.
  12. i can see why she was a little cunty. but for the fact you were trying to adopt a dog that im sure was spayed (dont they spay them once they get them if they arent? ) regardless it was male and wasnt gonna get preggers lol. now your gonna go get one that isnt and have puppies regardless. if she adopted the dog to you, you probably would have done without more puppies! so her cuntyness fucked her "logical thinking"!! bleh dumb cunt
  13. she's just doing her job guys. she isn't allowed to allow you to adopt a dog unless you meet the requirements. one of those clearly being that you can't be intending to add to the incredible stray problem. there is an absolutely ridiculous problem with stray cats and dogs and we should be doing everything we can not to add to the problem!
  14. They might be putting that dog down if no one buys it..much better option.
  15. Fascist Bitch that lady is
  16. Find a breeder.
  17. You are looking at it backwards. They are protecting animals from people who would take them and start a puppy mill, especially regarding pure breeds. Yes, they are making a blanket assumption, but it's the only way to do it.
  18. It is true that most, if not all shelters make spaying or nutering a requirement but its because they see soo many dogs/cats come threw their doors that have to be put to sleep :( having said that, she didn't need to make you feel bad/ like shit because your dog isn't fixed. how many dogs got put to sleep because a potential good owner didn't meet that requirement? Its sad cuz the one really getting the shit end of the stick is the poor dog that just wants a good home and loving owner.

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