Wtf is this?

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  1. I was at the park today with some friends smoking J's and we saw this weird looking dead animal. It looks like a monkey or something, I took a picture with my phone to ask you guys what do you think it is.

  2. Looks like a ferrit or kinda rodent to me.
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    a weasel or a stoat???
    ..looks like somebody's pet

    yeah or a ferret, I don't know one from another
  4. LaChupacabra
  5. I was thinking the same.
  6. Skittlette has been littering
  7. God, I can't even take a nap in the park without people coming up and snapping pictures of me... damn paparazzi...
  8. thats my cousin....
  9. ferretman!
  10. ferret

    poor thing they're sooooo cute.
  11. What is.. The Long-tailed Weasel, Alex?


  12. Props to JD and her amazing animal identification skills

  13. They're secretly just google skills. :(

    But that's just between you and me...

  14. What did you do? Just enter a physical description of the animal?
  15. or type in weasel, ferret, lemur, etc and see what comes up. cool looking animal though...and how the hell does it look like a monkey?

  16. Well, it looked like either a ferret or weasel (or something in the weasel family). So I just looked through image results of both of those in Google image search. One of the pics in the weasel search was one I posted and the title was "Long Tailed Weasel". I did a more specific search, looked over more pics, and then wiki'd it just to make sure it was native to his area and they're pretty common from Canada down to Mexico.

    Yup... That's about all there was to it... :ey:
  17. Fucking SKILLZ

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