Wtf is this?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by w33dsp34k, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Okay, so today I was looking in mine and my mates "drug" box. Everything is in there, weed, pills, glass spoons, marshin-mini pipes, roach clips, abunch of roaches and whatnot.
    I came across this. I thought it was a nic and i was going to take some of it until i realized. it wasn't weed. What is it? It does not smell anything like weed whatsoever. I cant really describe the smell, except that is smells like so kind of air freshener.

    thanks for helping my fellow gc mates.
  2. maybe hash?
  3. its not hash, I dont think so at least.
    I have never even came across hash, but doesn't hash still smell a little bit like weed?
    It kind of looks like a mushroom, except to stem on it, like someone cut it off.
    but it has leaves on it and looks like weed a bit.
    wtf, im confsued.
  4. it looks like QWISO hash
  5. Why not just ask your mate?
  6. toker2021 is correct it is hash..

  7. Well, seeing as how he already said he was going to steal some of it, he proabably can't ask his "friend." Friends don't steal from friends. You're a slimebag in my opinion.
  8. lol its not really stealing.
    We just usually have a big bag in there full of decent buds. but there was this in there and i couldn't figure out what it was.
    hash is in a bud?
  9. It's feces. You can get one hell of a buzz from snorting it.
  10. and your an idiot...GTFO.
  11. Looks like some really orangeish-reddish bud to me, but I really have no idea. Why not try a little and tell us how it makes you feel?
  12. i tried that.
    its like.
    like feels like a solid shell.
  13. Smoke it!!!
  14. wtf is it...damn i am curious
  15. try and find out
  16. take better pics out of the bag if you really want our help. id say just smoke some though...
  17. smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it
  18. looks like really old compressed beasters.
  19. i couldnt really tell inside the bag.
    might be H.

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