WTF is this?

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  1. What in the hell is this?

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  2. It’s the cotyledon leaves. Don’t worry about it. New growth looks good. What’s your temps at?
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  3. Just a mutation, whorled phyllotaxy. Phyllotaxy means leaf arrangement on a plant. Normally weed grows with branches growing opposite of each other at each node and then alternating once it gets older. Whorled means more than 2 branches at 1 node. Usually weed will grow out of this mutation eventually and if it doesnt grow out of it once it is mature the new mature growth will usually take on a alternating whorled phyllotaxy meaning it will grow kinda like a spiral staircase instead of staggered nodes opposite to each other like a normal alternating phyllotaxy
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  4. It has two cotyldons and three single fan leaves. Should just have two fans come up not three.. i figured it was somthin like that. This is the start to what i hope is my second successful grow i have 4 more plants that are about 3 months old now
  5. It’s all good
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  6. 80 like it says on the thermometer in the pic lol
  7. Hmm seems fine honestly.
    When you were transitioning from humidity dome, did you spray the leaves with water? More info is needed but again, it doesn’t seem like a problem. If you didn’t spray the leaves during the transition, that might have maybe caused some environmental stress. Keep an eye on how the leaves grow. If it’s growing different than the others, it might be a mutation like mentioned above.
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  8. It’s 100% a mutation. And was expertly explained above. Has nothing to do with stress and spraying the plant with water... people really gotta stop saying stupid stuff on here..
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    Idk why i said two cotyldons it has three of them and three single fans and its still doin it after first node. Heres a pic of it now... im pretty sure now its just a mutation. Im gona let it grow and see what happens.. may be interesting wel see btw the strain is pineapple.. not express just pineapple

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  10. People that have no clue wat there even talkin bout get on here and say shit just cuz they like trollin its bs man i 100% agree with ya man. Were all here to help each other but when trolls come in it fucks us all. Hell could cause sombody to lose their whole grow over some bad advice
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  11. Dont use humidity domes its not nessesary for me anyway. I just germ in a paper towel and then in a 16oz solo. Used pepsi cans this time it was all i had but iv switched em now. Its a mutation dude theres teally no kind of human error that could cause this. I was always pretty sure it was just mutated just wanted to see what others said before i killed it but now just lettin it go
  12. Sounds like a fun thing to watch, in any case; glad you're gonna 'let it go'...
    as long as you have the space.
  13. I popped 10 Vanilla Frosting seeds from Humboldt Seed Company and three of the ten had the same mutation. Two were male so I tossed them and the other is still growing perfect. It never grew out of it like some people claim will happen, but it doesn’t cause any problems. Just another main kola for you.

    As far as people saying stupid shit... they aren’t trolling. They’re just idiots. I asked for input on my current grow and listed the organic nutes I’m using and I had two people with ZERO knowledge on the line on nutes I use and they tried claiming they weren’t organic and what not and claimed I’m feeding too much even though my grow has ZERO signs of overfeeding. Some people are too stubborn to learn new stuff, but want to pretend they know everything.

    I was fortunate enough to have a chat with “capulator” on this very subject and he won’t even entertain people on forums. He’s making his own forums right now where people gotta prove themselves with a “germinate to harvest” grow before being allowed into the whole forum. It’ll be nice when these people can’t give their shitty info anymore.
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  14. Right i feel ya
  15. I think it's a great idea to make a grower prove they are growing and to have at least 1 under their belt to join, theres already tons of beginner forums... I just hope it's not elitist and you have to have a flawless grow or beat a certain yield per sqft or whatever...
  16. Well my lil Frankenstein seedling still doin good. I cant wait to see what it does in veg.. how long should i wait to put em under my 400watt metal halide? I got em under Florescent tube fixture now but really close almost touching

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  17. Looks fucked! But also so cool haha

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  18. "Pulls up a chair" i wanna see pics till the end. It does look pretty cool
  19. Have a Moby Dick auto that did that and it stunted its growth and grew out weird. Decided to say what the hell and let it run its course to see what happens. If it would of been a photoperiod i could of topped, and trained it and vegged it out for a decent yeild. Maybe ill get a good size 1/4 to 1/2 oz off of it. Diffenitly let yours grow and see what happens.

  20. Im def gona let it grow n see what happens. Follow the thread ill keep it updated

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