wtf is this ?

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  1. anyone know what might be causing this ?? indoor photo 12/12 2nd week of flowering under 600hps and 600 mh ffof soil mixed with perlite and on week 2 flowering nutes at 1/4 str.,...

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  2. Need a lot more info to make an educated guess.

    But, off the top of my head, going by your statement about 1/4 strength nutes, I'd say it's a possible Phosphorous deficiency. A Phos deficiency will sometimes start on the edges of leaves, and work it's way up and down the sides of the leaves.

    Although, everytime I've had a Phos problem, the necrotic material has always been a dull gray, not the bronze I see on some spots. Basically the exact same color you see on the smallest leaf on the right hand sample.

    But yah, need more info.
  3. It's nute burn.The end of one leaf is burnt right off.

    Flush,and leave it alone awhile.
  4. well i need the damn thing to show sex so i can either toss it or xplant it to a bigger container... from the way it looks i had 6 plants and ive tossed 3 males....and it seriously looks like the other 3 are gonna be males.. if i didint have my 4 fem auto's growing i would just let the males grow... this sucks.. ill toss up some pics tomorrow or the next day Disciple.. im seeing two diffrent looking things.. one is a lil cluster of pods.. which i assumed to be balls so i been tossing that. also 2 plants shows one single ball on a lil raised stem of sort.... ill bve glad when i get a female so i can eyeball them from now on
  5. Whats your Ph?
  6. i water at 6.5 runoff is usually 6.5-6.7
  7. I had the same thing. Little teardrop on a tiny little stem, found at the nodes where the fan leaves and side branch meet? Just wait and watch. That calyx will open and a couple white or red hairs should protrude. I had 8 plants and six of them looked like that. That was 2 weeks ago and buds are forming all over and white hairs are everywhere.(2 were males and I tossed them) The 2 plants that I tossed did not have that little teardrop, but had a swolen little stick looking thing with 2 balls. (kinda like a little penis) Also had 1 plant with multiple cluster looking things. All I know is this. buds are forming on the remaining plants, and I feel confident that I made the right choice in sexing. I did second guess one plant because I thought it had a couple clusters that looked like a couple balls, but actually the calyx was partially open and it only looked like that and later (a couple days) white hairs protruded and it is now forming buds also. I guess they say males display sex earlier and usually females take longer
  8. looks like nute burn to me, or possibly suffocated roots from not drying it out enough between waterings
  9. not suffocated roots JetSki.. if anything that baby is underwatered.. alot
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    Looks to me like excessive nitrogen and the resulting burns... i notice the burn spots obviously as well as a pretty dark green leaf.. could be wrong but im with jetski, nute burn bro.. did the veins of the leaves darken up a tad before the leaves did? Bank statement in the pic?

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