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  1. Having some worries on one of my babies. I'm growing 6 different strains in an ebb n flow/drip feed setup. I'm going by the lucas formula on the nutes and using ro water with cal/mag. We keep the ph between 5.7-6.2 and the ppm around 1080-1150 and check both 3 times a day. We have one sick plant out of the 6 and we can't seem to figure it out. The sick plant is Sage n sour. Any help would be appreciated!

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  2. Burnt leaves - if they touch the hydroton, they could just be grabbing salts from there and burning. Happening only to the lower ones right?

    I don't know 100% the signs for root rot, but when I see leaf issues in hydro I scream it anyways: No harm in quickly checking your root zone. But I really think its a salt issue.

    I'd say those ppms are a bit high, causing you some burn issues with plants that size - but I'm only on my first hydro run and tend to be conservative with my feeding.
  3. Judging by the size of the plants, i would also say 1100 ppm is on the high side(they should be getting 1100 ppm when they will be in early flower with descent sized plants i think),so i believe that if you backed on the nutes a bit, it would not hurt them.
  4. ya ppm should be around 8-900 if im not mistaken
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    ^ Too high for my tastes still. Those are small plants man. Less is more. My blue dream, recovering from root rot, hasn't been fed since the initial res change for 450 ppms 2 weeks ago, and its growing fine IMO. Maybe not optimal growth, but its better than being stunted. It has way more heads than any of these girls; if she can do fine in 500ish at this size then your girls can too. And those nutes are mad depleted by now, haha. Still no deficiencies are showing, except for a slight pale-green of the newest leaves. Always let your plants tell you when they want more food; never just set a number and force it on them. Unless you know what your doing and have age - ppms dialed in for your strain

    Sage, do you have updates on this? I'd like to know what caused these symptoms (to verify if it actually was a nute burn)
  6. I agree when my plants are that size I run about 400-500 ppm on them using the GH nutrients on my flow and gro system, but only use 50% of the micro @ 1.25ml per gallon... Drop the ppm and the plants should respond well... Remember you ate better of not using enough nutrients than over doing it

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