Wtf Is This "Tracking" Number?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by hugsyou, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So I got an email containing a tracking number for my bong, it's like 14 letters long, not even close the near 25 a tracking number is.
  2. You might have a better chance at sorting out your issue if you direct it to the proper section. Click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page send an email.
  3. Yes, I know, I have done that. However, it'll take business days to get back, meaning Monday or maybe even Tuesday. I was wanting some answers today.
  4. Well...I would think that this is a question someone at the GC shop would have to help you with as they would probably have to access your account, and since it's just before 9pm there now, I'm not too sure that they will be able to help you today...
  5. Yeah or the weekend, I'll have to wait maybe up to 4 days for a response to them. I was trying to get user feedback and support on this issue.
  6. Maybe another customer can help you with a heads up or something based on their experience...guess that would be your best case for now...

    Good luck...:)
  7. Yea, I'm confused on why they say this is a tracking number. It's like this:

    Blocked out some number with X's, but yeah. Confused.
  8. Thats where the shop and the feedback (even in the description is says forum only) and support are separate entities.
  9. Yeah leesh...I think he knows that...just looking for possible help from someone who has experienced the same thing...:)
  10. Have you two bought from these guys yet? If so, did you have a "tracking number" similar to this?
  11. Big Brother is watching your bong :D
  12. Nah...I've just bought memberships...and we're both in USPS...
  13. i bought some things a long while back and i dont even know if i got a tracking number lol, it just came to my house a few weeks later

  14. Yea man, but somehow when I put this tracking number in, it even said it was passed that point, it was shipped to around here. It worked once, but now the code wont work anymore. It has been 10 days.

  15. I paid for the uhhh.. Idr what it's called the extra money was for a tracking number and an order number so I could track it.

  16. contact the company who is shipping it... once the package is shipped its not in GC's hands anymore lol maybe it got dropped off at a place you need to go get it or something?

  17. I think it's in their hands if they ship it to the wrong address. When I was able to check the tracking of it, it was in a couple towns above me. I can assume that it's a UPS company or something. If not, GC fucked up.
  18. like i said, contact the people who are shipping it.... GC is in weekend mode right now i can only assume, its in Europe man...

    if you contact the shipper, they will tell you if its a) been delivered elsewhere, b) waiting for pick up, or c) if something happened

    GC however, will not have that info lol... you should have gotten an email with the address it is going too....

    and just to put it out there, i said "out of their hands" as in GC does NOT have your package, contacting the people who last did, might get you a quicker answer.....
  19. If you're in the US, it'll be the USPS...GC does not ship via UPS as far as I know...
  20. I would completely contact them IF I had a correct tracking number.. that's the problem/

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