WTF is this thing?

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  1. Ok, so i purchased some starter plugs at htg the other day. You know those brown pre moistened plugs that come with a hole for the seed etc. I always use them for cloning as they work well. So i have my clones in a few and i placed some Romulan seeds in a couple. They are in a tray under a dome in a clean ventilated room...

    Today i'm checking the seeds and see something wiggle..i found a brown worm about a 16th of an inch long crawling on a grow plug with one of the seeds.

    I captured it and photographed it using my microscope....Anyone know what the fuck im dealing with, is it a fluke, do i have some infestation problem? Help please....:confused:

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  2. some kind of baby caterpillar not sure what kind
  3. it looks like you ripped the labia off of a hairy black chick:eek:
  4. LOL.

    Its a caterpillar that is getting ready to make its cocoon to change into an adult.

    Its prolly just an isolated incident, but Id check the rest of those disks.

    A big foot with lotsa pressure should do da trick mon.


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