Wtf is this?! stupid ass boss..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Wow is there anything i can do to get him in trouble or something..

    ive been working since october 2k5 and gettin a six$ hour rate.

    a kid comes in .. around january 15th ish and is already gettin paid a seven$ hour rate.. and i do the same job he does..

    wtf .. im serioulsy going into work and sliting this fat fucks throat when i get my paycck and quittin if theres nothing i can do to get him and trouble and me a raise..
  2. start stealing anything of value from your employer, do it so you wont get caught, if you know what i mean.

    By the end of the month you could in theory put whatever buisness you work for under, its just a thought...

    where do you work at if you dont mind me askin.
  3. friendlies!!!!!!! =p

    ya theres really nothing to steal.. only thing i can do is when someone gives exact chance hitVOID on the menu and cancle orderandmake it for them and pocket the money =D very easy to do.. but serioulsy this guy is a douchebag he fired me for saying 'fuck' a few months back and then last night hewas like "WHO THE FUCK REORGINZED THE FREEZER IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT IN HERE I SPENT FIVE HOURS BLBALBLA.." im like uh what? u just cursed and he toatly ignored me and went into the office..
  4. beat the shit out of the new kid and steal his lunch money
  5. become a disgruntled worker and go on a work rampage shooting. when you get arrested make sure to mention and plug i'm sure sj would be willing to give you some discounts on the site or something.
  6. then do what you can, pocket a 20 meal or two a day, earn that doller back x50 everyday...

    Then after a month you'll have some spare change and you can take a month off from working,

    my buddy used to work at friendlies and always hooked it up for free, just peep the game.
  7. eat all the food?
  8. I don't know if SJ wants THAT kinda of publicity, I mean... he runs a legit business, so I'm sure he doesn't want people associateing grasscity with a mass shooting... not exactly the image I'd want, if you know what I mean.. LoL

    ~ Terpsichore

  9. NO!!!!!

    then they would say "marijuana made him kill people bla bla bla"

    you know how the media is.
  10. just do what i do
    dont do shit
    if my boss wants to pay me 7 dollars an hour to do computer work then he wont get anything outta me...
    i am wating to be fired...
    ahaha its nice not to have to care abotu your job
  11. exactly. u could turn a $7 an hour job into mad money like this
  12. i bet if charles manson plugged some product, everyone would buy it. i know i would.
  13. You could always consider the fact that maybe he does a better job than you. If thats not the case, I wouldn't get too wound up about it. Life isn't fair. And it would be a really dick thing to do stealing stuff from your workplace. Be responsible and don't stoop to your bosses're bein a big fuckin hypocrit if you even were planning on stealing something from him.
  14. fuck that, dude,

    be a dick and steal:devious:
  15. keep in mind, if you are caught stealing you could be subject to legal prosecution or at the very least fired.
  16. oh yea

    and dont get caught
  17. ya i kno where the 4 cams are they wouldnt see it would be easy with shitty manager or anyone but him..

    i asked him about it today he just said .. we get an oppertunity to get a raise in march .. i was like but some people here have laready gotten raises before the review and worked here less and i kno the ice cream better than they do and dishes jsut as well.. its bs man whoever said the symptathetic post lolol

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