Wtf is this shit

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  1. Idk even known if its new but wiz cabin fever has to be the weakest shit ive heard...ever....i mean WTF wiz was "ok" for a while when he did mixtapes but this mainstream shit will be the end of his career....fuckin eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    To sum this up id like to throw a giant FUCK YOU out to anybody even mentioning the words taylor gang. Have fun with your weak ass puffed up mainstream douch

    P.S. im mad bro.
  2. i dont like much rap anyway
  3. Your retarded bro wiz goes hard as fuck on cabin fever straight killed it
  4. Taylor Gang or.... Taylor Gang.
  5. I would say this belongs somewhere else, but it's a whole Wiz lifestyle, and I find it kinda annoying. All of a sudden paper is hands down the best and only way to smoke, get over yourselves. I don't care if they like his music, and I don't care what his music sounds like, I just wish some of my old friends would stop making me cringe with facebook statuses like,

    "I'm not a star, sumbody lied I'm rollin weed up in my car, nd gettin high, if I die today remember me like Jimi Hendrix, butt ass naked covered in alll bad bitchesssTaylorGangJetLifeeee"

    "Money stackin straight up like it's perpendicular, lame ass boyfriends I'ma smoke purp-n-dickyagurl lolll"
  6. I liked his old shit alot more. Roll up pisses me off cause he goes to that voice box shit. But cabin fever isn't bad to me, i just wish it was like his first stuff
  7. Roll Up is proof that he has sold out but he has had some good stuff.
  8. aye bro you ma...... oh.
  9. erry thang i do... i do it big!

  10. Tyler, The Creator>Wiz Khalifa

    "and FUCK rolling papers, im a rebel bitch, im ashin' blunts"
  11. [​IMG]

    Oh no you didn't
  12. Taylor gang or listen to true hip hop.
  13. wiz aint got shit on drake
  14. taylor gang or smoke schwag
  15. Whiz is just a queef that will soon pass in this modern rap industry.
  16. The cool hip image can only be maintained for so long till people are sick of them

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