Wtf is this shit?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Retroxity, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Was you're dealer riding around on a lawn mower and did you ask for a fat bag of grass?
  2. Dude those are super leafy trimmings, hardly any trichomes.... I agree with justadailytoke, I wouldn't have paid more than $5... I can't believe you paid $55 for a bag of leaves....

    You might as well use it to make a little bit of has or cannabutter.... Do yourself a favor and start buying buds, not leaves
  3. Looks like trim from a grow, the high you experienced is because leaves get more CBD and CBN, but not so much THC.
  4. does it have a heavy, oily scent like weed or does it smell "light" and fragrance-like?

    thats what k2 smells like.
  5. It looks like plant trimmings and some other stuff that isn't weed.

    Your dealer just hustled you for a $55 dung-hole ride and you LIKED it.
  6. Having just trimmed my plants I can say that is definitley plant trimmings, id be highly pissed if my boy did that to me.

    My advice, tell him you know he screwed you out of your money and you want it all back, or wait until he's sleepin and take it back yourself.
  7. I added a better look[/IMG]
  8. I wouldn't smoke that for 10 bucks, I wouldn't...
  9. it looks like what comes out of the lawn mower when you dump it out... That doesn't look right at all to me
  10. That's trim.

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