Wtf is this shit?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Retroxity, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I dont know what it is my boy gave it to me he said its shake......



    Please help. Is it k2
  2. No, its not k2. That's just shake/ mixed with plant trimmings.
  3. ^ yes. it just looks like trimmings and shake.

    How much does it pay and how much did you pay?
  4. Well, ya boy gave you some really shitty trimmings...
  5. [quote name='"shbbymosh60"']^ yes. it just looks like trimmings and shake.

    How much does it pay and how much did you pay?[/quote]

    Paid 55$ and when I smoked it I didn't feel a high like I normally would it's felt like Intensified my I couldent feel my body and like my eyes were really blood shit had a deep feeling in my chest I was like seriously seeing green like everything was a little more green like skin tone didn't feel good woke up now and feel like I got hit by a truck
  6. That doesn't sound very enjoyable.
  7. Does it smell like weed
  8. I didn't know you liked to get wet

  9. You got ripped off

    And it's time for a new dealer that cares about not killing you
  10. He should have given you that for free.
  11. ouch, I wouldnt of spent 5 bucks on that
  12. Shredded lettuce?

    No jp its shake/trimmings
  13. I don't even see shake or decent trimmings looks like shredded fan got jacked
  14. That shit is completely devoid of trichs. Did it smell like weed at all? I wouldn't let that shit touch my pipe, let alone my lungs or my brain.
  15. use it to make some edibles
  16. Its trimmings, look up how to make QWISO hash and you'll be flyin in no time
  17. Looks like someone was manicuring their buds and sold you the trimmings. NEVER buy bud that's not actually in bud form.
  18. looks like fuckin lawn clippings
  19. HAhahahah, yeah its trimmings. :smoke:

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