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Wtf. Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ThePolishPuertoRican, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Okay so I hung out with my sisters new boyfriend, the kid pulls out a pax prepacked. After a few hits it tasted minty. I asked him about it and he said he puts in half bud-half peppermint tea lmao. I only smoke bud, I don't mix shit so I'm wondering if this is normal? Because I feel like smoking tea is bad ha
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    Never smoked tea for that very reason but I have heard a few blades stand by it.  Don't see the point my self, I love that cannabis taste.
    Edit: Now that I think about it I should try that in my pax...
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    "Peppermint: Peppermint improves blood circulation and relaxes the nerves. It is a strong purifying agent that can restore and rejuvenate both the mind and body. Fabled for its healing properties, peppermint can also ensure easy breathing by clearing the lungs and respiratory passages."
    I've never mixed it myself personally, but after reading this I think I just might have to try it some day.
  4. I've heard of people smoking catnip and its related to peppermint. I wouldn't smoke either though.
    No it is not normal.
    Find a real man to fuck your sister.
  6. Okay I thought so, thanks guys. I'm probably going to shun this kid for the rest of his life
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    Met a weirdo like him once man this guy was smoking Sage mixd with his drum tobacco! Holy fucking nasty!!!
  8. it does wonders for acid reflux /stomach aches to be honest.. fc forums has a guide on this in a specific sub forum just for peppermint
  9. sounds cool id try that myself if i had some mint. i doubt it has a very bad effect on the lungs
  10. Yes smoking tea is bad.
  11. While smoking it may be,
    vaporizing it is a completely different story.
    This isn't really a post I want to indulge my knowledge in, but as a TLDR for myself, eucalyptus, Lavander, and ORGANIC WITH NO ADDITIVES peppermint tea can all be vaped for pleasure (hell peppermint will calm down a foul stomach ache) or for small medicinal benefit
    I see what you did there...
  13. its not deadly, infact if you smoke lime leaves its like weed from thr 60's aparently, a littlee buzz its not normal thing. but dont worry, just abit weird
  14. Like me 😏😏

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  15. Shots! Fired!
  16. His sisters boyfriend might even douche his asshole with peppermint when he gets done waxing it.
    Vaping peppermint just sounds too girly man.
    Get that fucker to snort a line of cayenne pepper and grow a nut sack.
  17. Okay so i just read this thread and thought "lemme try that" i loaded my pinnacle pro with some peppermint (no weed). its actually quite pleasant. i wouldn't mix it with good weed though man

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  18. Well not sure about tea, it could be a special kind but yes vaping herbs (lavender, chamomile, pepermint, damiana, etc.) other then cannabis is normal, its what vapes are legally sold for...
  19. When I bought my MFLB it came with some dried mint. I tried it by itself just to get the hang of the device and not waste weed on the learning curve. It was OK. It did settle my stomach just a little which is why I smoke to begin with. I suffered no adverse effects. Cannabis works better though.
  20. Leave my sister out of this, thabkyou. She doesn't need a prepubescent kid. Anyways, to the "helpful" posts, I appreciate it guys.

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