WTF is this and why is this happening?

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  1. So as you can see from the photos my seedling is not going as I thought. It's my first grow and I've done my research, but I can't find anything on this. My second plant is going OK it's growing great for it to be a week since it broke ground, but this one I don't know if it's damaged from the roots, if it's just one of those seeds that doesn't make it, or if it can be salvaged and saved. Please help. If I could possibly save it I would, but I don't think so. Is true leaves are totally rounded.

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  2. not marijuana
  3. Could probably be indica or indica dominate, could explain the ft round leaf, if she's green let her grow see what happens.

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  4. it's not weed at all
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    No. That is not marijuana. Believe me.
  6. It's a bag seed that's why I'm just confused. I planted another seed from the same bag and its a marijuana seed and its growing great. I don't really understand
  7. sloppy outdoor shit. bird shit a seed on a bud.

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