WTF is there to do in sacramento?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ali_g_indahouse, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Just moved here are there any cool festivals or stuff to go to?
  2. Jazz Fest - but it's over.

    Sacramento sucks, that's why I moved back to the Bay Area last year. :laughing:
    Check that Sacramento newspaper, it's everywhere I just don't remember what it's called. And there are some music festivals, like High Sierra.
  3. Yeah I'll check the news and review. Whole earth was okay but my homie had to leave early.
    Anybody know of any underground hip hop like MF Doom?
  4. You can go watch Brown vs Faber 2 at Arco Arena tonight:D
  5. I don't know about sacramento, but usually when I'm bored I just whack off.
  6. you can drive south an hour and a half to my house?

    edit:and music: just look up mac dre and anone who raps with him, you'll probly like our music we have around here, you just got to be ready go dumb wit it:cool:

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