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wtf is the point of twitter!?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongwaterson, May 10, 2010.

  1. back to the point of.

    i dont wanna hear

    2:41 - gotta use the bathroom

    2:42 - gotta poo

    2:43 - in the bathroom

    2:43 - takeing off pants

    2:44 - poop is comeing out.

    2:45 - peanuts?

    people think their intresting and in the not.youre friend isnt.little wayne isnt.chareles manson isnt.

    people need to stop believing thier so important that everyone needs to know(or cares) what their thinking(or doing) 24/7

    cause when you die.
    whether youre you or abe lincoln, in the span of things our lives are completly meaningless.

    thats reality though.

    but then again everyone has thier own rights and im a firm believer in that you shouldnt force someone else to adhere to youre views.

    so enjoy it.
    just my 2 cents.

    *puts on flame suit*.
  2. my friends are my superstars...they are important...and I'm a mega superstar in my mind...twitter is a place for people who are actually liked by their friends, and who like their friends are hilarious...they think im hilarious..we'll laugh at anything...thats why we're friends...

    but thats just my 2 cents
  3. The idea behind Twitter is to stay on a communicative level with all of your peers with minimal data weight pushed and to be able to give importance to small thoughts that can weigh in with any of your peers.

    Now the real reason is because they realized how popular facebook statuses were, created a website designed for that sole purpose, pushed it on every platform (iPod, iPhone, cell, iPad etc...) and one day will come out with paid features when the company is sold. One day, like many other social media sites, will become quickly outdated.
  4. You are a massive failure if you use Twitter.
  5. I hate people who talk shit about social networking sites. If you don't like them, don't use them.

    Twitter is awesome - I follow all kinds of companies and find out about sales and deals that they don't advertise elsewhere... I can't tell you how many times I found out about something off Twitter that i never would have heard about in time elsewhere.
  6. I like twitter because I can follow my favorite bands/stores/actors. Most of my friends on twitter only post if its something funny anyway. I have won tickets from my FAVORITE band on twitter, gotten discounts from different stores and places, and gotten a shit load of beta keys to random things like google wave, star trek online, etc...

    Twitter depends all on how you use it.
  7. brah i am fighting twitter now

  8. THIS ^

    Seriously.... I'll never understand the people who are anti-twitter... why be so pissed off at a helpful tool on the internet? That's like getting pissed off that scissors exist.

  9. i think thier may be abit of exaggration here.

    surely you dont believe twitter.

    and scissors.

    can be connected-_-

    being up youre friends butt all the time just seems......
  10. I don't have a twitter, so twitter doesn't effect me in the slightest.

    We have solid mutual understanding.
  11. both are useful tools.

    you clearly missed the explanation for the purpose of trying to make a lame joke.
  12. I use facebook as my social network for friends and family.

    I use twitter only for a feed from people who have daily news posted. So I think of twitter as weed news (since I follow a lot of ganja users) Feel free to follow me for those GC twitter users.
    I Love Weed (ILoveWeednet) on Twitter
  13. i hate all social network sites... facebook, bebo, myspace, twitter
    everyone looks at me like I'm insane when i say i dont have a facebook..
  14. strange, isn't this a networking website?
  15. When you start seeing the site raped with advertisements and stupid little flash games, then you can try and put it in the same vein as the other social networking tripe.

    Until then, this is just a forum.
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    I guess man, but this still is a social networking site, because of it being a forum. I guess forums just have a better, non-biased formatting of communication with no means of profiting from or interrupting our communication.

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