wtf is the point of twitter!?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongwaterson, May 10, 2010.

  1. i went on there a while ago to see what its all about. I signed up and shiat and like tried to use it but its fucking retarded.

    its like the stupidest shit ever why the fuck do people go on there.

    I couldnt even find like any tweets lol.

    like the worst website i've ever been to i deleted my account.

    and thats the long, profound epic tale of twitter :wave:
  2. Its a conspiracy to leech all viable thought processes.
  3. twitter is an epic fail, people with no lives go on there and post what theyre doing at that very moment. fucking retarded. and if you think that is crazy wait til u check out fromspring
  4. Uh duh, it's for famous people to tell ordinary people everything they're doing and thinking about.

    Because we want to know.
  5. Here's the ironic twist.

    The very idea of Twitter that so many of you question and bash was actually conceived by an entire generation that would much rather text or chat online than actually pick up a phone and talk to someone.

    Go figure someone came up with a stupid website to capitalize on this fact and reap the rewards of advertising.:rolleyes:
  6. Seriously, this generation is pretty damn whack.
  7. I used to use it for live feeds from all my favorite sites. It got boring after a week.. would rather just visit the site.
  8. I haven't visited it yet but you don't have to, to know what its about. Sounds like its the OCD epiphany of suckers for the celeb media. If people have to pay attention to famous people THAT much, then they must have nothing going on in their world, which is truly the saddest thing ever. My stomach churns any time I read/hear "twitter" or "tweet".
  9. yeah its a pretty fail website.

    I hope some nerd hacker takes it down ASAP.
  10. It's for people who watch jersey shore. Egotistical bastards who actually think people give a shit about what they are doing at every moment during the day.
  11. facepalm is in order.
  12. This Youtube Video will tell you what Twitter is when your stoned:

    [ame=]YouTube - Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews![/ame]

  13. For important stuff like that...
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    I can't stand people that are constantly updating all their shit, you can tell the stoners apart from the 'others' on facebook, because any friends I have that smoke (including me) that are on facebook never update their statuses.

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  15. I have a twitter because its easier than texting a couple of people for school work related stuff.

    and to see what projects my favorite music artist are working on. its not just little kids goin "OMG, this GuY hEre is so ugly. brb"

    and its not as personal as Facebook or related sites

  16. Not really, my friends that do smoke update a few times a month, I do like once or twice a month, but ussually if I do it's song lyrics or about a party. I don't see the point in sharing meaningless shit from your life for everyone to see, if you feel like your that important or need attention that badly you need more friends.
  17. I don't have a problem with these new fandangled sites these whipper snappers are usin'.
  18. i fight twitter brah.

  19. um, no...all of my closest friends have twitter....its fun...just something to do...if your friends dont have it then its kinda pointless though

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