wtf is rong with my plant?

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  1. its 7 days old under 210 wats of light, i water it often but y is the stem so tall and skinny? this is my 1st attempt at growing no expierience so yeah plz help.

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  2. its stretching to get more lite

    lower the lites as low as you can without your hand getting hot while holding it over the plant

    what type of lites & wattage
  3. 3x 75watt lights. its close to them it is hot when i put my hands there and evin the pot im using is hot. do you think this plant will be able to save or shal i just kill it?
  4. what kind of lights though? sounds like if your plant is streching that much, and the lights being far enough away and its still hot you might be using the wrong type of lights, incandesent lights are a no no they put out farm ore heat then light, try to find some CFLS.
  5. i changed the bulbs to 150 watt 'daylight' bulbs. i also put more soil in my pot so the plant stays upright will this extra soil effect my plant? is it safe?
  6. And when you feel a nice warm feeling on your hand set it, keep it going for now. You might need to get a smaller bulb if your's is getting way to hot,
  7. Yup the extra soil to brace up the stem was a good idea, you might have too add more in a while again, but also if you have a computer fan laying around use that to blow on the plant it will help strengthen the stem up but don't. so i take it you were using some incandescent bulbs?
  8. using a "regular" light bulb, right?

    If so it will not work - the poor thing will just wither away and die and you'll be bummed....

    use a CFL in a reflector, about $11 with a 25 watt 6500k bulb and a small fan is all you need!

    A single healthy plant can easily yield an ounce or two, invest a bit in terms of what you need to know and what you need to grow; it'll give back what you put into it...

    + maybe consider germinating another couple seeds, would suck to grow for two months to discover your plant is a male and the best you can do is a few measly grams of crappy hash... (been there, done that!)

    best of luck to ya!
  9. here is the lights im using now. is the one on the right the kind of light i shud use? its floresant. the middle one is there for heat its a 150 watt "daylight" bulb
  10. I don't see the bulb, must be goin blind here...

  11. look at the attachments at the top. the 2nd photo has 3 lights. they arnt on as i turned them off to take a pic beacuse too bright for my phone camera
  12. use all flouros, those incandesants are the problem
  13. ok i have changed them all to fluros there isnt much heat from them though
  14. whats the rooms temps? 75 - 85 are optimum temps
  15. Cfls dont put out much heat but they put out far more light then incandescent, and since they arnt as warm but you can put the ligths closer so your plant doesnt strech anymore. and second when you say 150watts are you looking at the incadescent equivilant? or the actual watts it takes too run the bulb?
  16. my Cfls are 2x 60 watt and 1x150 watt. thats incadescent equivilent im talking about
  17. this is my current lighting. the 2 60watt cfls are on the outside and the 150 watt cfl is in the middle. this look ok?

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  18. It'd help if we knew more about your growing environment.

    I'm assuming that, since you were trying to grow under incandescents, there's a lot more in your grow room that needs to be improved.

    I recommend reading the indoor grow forum, there's a lot of information. I aso recommend Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible" by Jorge Cervantes.
  19. alright, the cfls are gonna help your plant along, a lot so also it looks like there is a mirror int he back ground id say take it out! mirrors don't reflect light they eat it up. tin foil is probly your best option even though i can cause hot spots. and bring the cfls lower about 2-3 inches away from the plant maybe at the most 5. Also most the light from cfls come from the sides not the top like a incadescent bulb. so if its possiable you should try and take off the covers of those lamps.
  20. thanks. how do i take off the covers?

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