WTF is in my weed

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  1. hi im new to this site and not sure if this is the right place to put it but im gonna try to explain what happend i dont remember very much

    im 19 and have smoked for a year about every other day and last night i bought some weed from someone i didnt realy know and it smelt kinda funny it smelt like like weed but it also had a chemical smell to it. so i packed the bong up and me and 4 friends started hittin it and the first hit for each of us burnt like hell it was so painfull like inhaleing acid into your lungs and throat it burned for about 5 minuts. so every one stoped hitting cuz it was intense pain. after about 30 minuts i started to feel super high and i didnt know what was happening cuz i only had one hit i ussualy take alot more. then i started to not be able to walk after ten mintuts i was wrecked. i could barley walk and i was like blacking out for 5 minuts and wakeing up as we wre walking. it was like i was seeing in 5 minut intervals. i started not being able to breath i was threw up once i was about to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. and it wasnt just me it was every one and we all didnt know what to do how couldthis happen off one hit. i know it is unlikely but im think the dealer put something in the weed. this morning i woke up and i cant really take deep breathes and all my muscles are sore. what should i do and what happend i would appreceiate any help so much
  2. never call 911 man thats just stupid, if you have any of your stash left you will get charged with possession. Sounds to me like you just let it get to you the weed was laced, you thought to much about it and started freaking, dealers really dont lace weed, it would just cost them more money, unless they bought some mids or regs to lace it with, but why would you even buy that in the first place? Unless you didnt know what diffrent buds look like, just ask him what was up with it.. Mabey it was just some really good bud that your not ready for :p
  3. He's right. Don't call for help when shit's going down man, just hope nothing really bad happens cause hell, if you die, you can't possibly face a possession charge.

    Of course, if you're dying after smoking weed, you're not smoking weed.
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    Sounds like some dank ass shit :)

    btw are the tags for this thread necessary? along with this being your first post kinda makes you look like a troll.

  5. Yeah, a possession charge is way worse than being dead.
  6. Sounds like you got some REALLY good bud, around here we call that the fire!
  7. maybe its sprayed
  8. Sounds like you just smoked more than you could handle, and it was very strong weed? I had an experience similar to that when I was new to getting high. That or it was sprayed badly.

  9. Are they idk I thought I had to put tags

  10. I didn't have it on me

  11. I'm thinking it was sprayed cuz I only had one hit I ussualy take four or five
  12. No you don't have to put tags but the point is, you would know if it had cocaine or PCP in it.

    It sounds like fire to me that's all but don't buy from him again if you didn't like it.

    Btw do you still have that shit left? if so try smoking it lighter, after all it did knock you off your ass and it would be a shame to throw it away.
  13. I've heard of people spraying their shit with windex to make it get you higher. That could have been it but who knows I'm not there inspecting your weed. :smoking:
  14. so it was pcp? Sense you tagged that.
  15. same thing happened with a batch of super dank sour diesel. i took a hit and thought i was gonna die. it was harsh, but i was fried :D :smoking:

  16. It actully turned out pcp. I used one of the ones yoju get at cvs. Don't know how accurate it is though
  17. The tags made me giggle for like 10 seconds straight. Thread delivers.
  18. it could be PCP, I've smoked weed laced with PCP and it has a chemical taste to it but PCP comes up pretty fast you'd prob notice it is a lil different then normal buddz
  19. Uh oh, sounds like this guy had some THC worms in his weed :rolleyes:
  20. bro the same thing happened to me.

    i was at a sublime concert and i smoked a little bit of my blunt. 5 minutes later (felt like 45 minutes) i was paralyzed, went deaf, started seeing shit, went blind and passed out 3 times. had to be carried out to the paramedics. never got to see sublime with rome:mad:.

    found out later that people in my area were spraying dank with raid bug spray to increase weight. thats probably what happened to you. where are you?

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