WTF is happening?!

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  1. These babies are a little over three weeks into flowering. Have been perfectly healthy up until two days ago, when i noticed the leaves were yellowing and burning on the ends.

    Anyone have any clue what this is??

    It is fed supernatural brand nutrients. It is being grown in coco-coir.

    Anyone know what this shit is??


  2. Your probably starving the lady's, they only yellow when hungry or not enough nutrients during flower.
    What kind of lighting are you using? and how are the temps during lights on?
  3. 4 26 watt cfls. and the temperature stays in the 80's. But man I feed the fucker every other water.Think it need nitrogen?
  4. Anyone??? Don't want this thing to die.
  5. yes, I think your soil is out of N, or it is locked out. How far into flower are you?
  6. Three weeks. Do you know how I would go about fixing a Nitrogen lockout? Thanks much.
  7. Do you check your water PH after adding nutes before you water? Needs to be about 6.5 if you are growing in soil, 5.8 for hydro. Nitrogen locks out at acidic PH, under 6.0 in soil and 5.5 in hydro. Try flushing with filtered water, mix a fresh batch of nutes with correct PH, water as soil dries out and hope its just something temporarily locking your Nitrogen out.
  8. I do hydro, but we see this a lot in here, someone will have a solution for you.
  9. ^^ Thanks too all above, going to get a PH kit real soon. thanks again
  10. pH, don't really mean shit, unless your feeding with salt water, then it matters, it is a weed after all and will grow just about anywhere.

    Use rain water or RO, feed the plant N,P,K, a trace mineral, and occasionally Mg,Ca.
    I use all dry nutrients and mix my own so I know what im feeding, and I use it every watering which is daily.
    Don't let your dirt dry out, keep it moist/wet while flowering.

    What is this supernatural brand of nutrients you speak of?

    I would get the nutrients I mentioned above and forget the pH kit.
  11. The Bud Blaster is: 1-52-31

    And it's mixed with General Hydroponics Florabloom: 0-5-4

    I was told by someone to mix them together but I'm not sure if that should have been done.
  12. You need some N now, you can get it at several places, one, maybe two locally.

    What is yellow is as it is, can't fix it, chalk this one up as an experience, but you can start feeding her and she will recover, but next time you'll know.

  13. ^thanks alot man. what would happen if i fed her some of the vegging nutes every once in a while? Because of the hight (N)
  14. She will probably thank you if you feed her some :)

    your welcome!
  15. Sweet!! Thanks again man.

  16. If i am not mistaken... both of these contain no nitrogen at all. if your dirt is empty of it and your nutes contain none you cant expect it to appear in thin air.
  17. lol, i just noticed that, theres the prob
  18. Now that the nutrient issue has come out, I agree that he has no Nitrogen at all. But, I repectfully disagree about PH not meaning shit. In soil its less of an issue since water is naturally around 6.8-7.0 and most nutes bring it down a bit to the normal 6.5 range. But I asked what he was growing in because in my hydro setup the PH needs to be 5.7-5.9. Here is a picture of an AK-48 that I added Bushmaster to and the PH rose to 8 over 2 days. Tell the plant that PH doesnt mean shit to it. It recovered just fine after a flush and moving to flower with fresh nutes and proper PH.

  19. The Bud Blaster is 1-54-36 or something like that. Isn't the 1 Nitrogen?
  20. It's like a ratio. that's a very tiny amount of nitrogen. Would be like giving you a jellybean and calling it diner.

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