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  1. Ok heres a few pics of one i caught.. also was time to water the girls.. well in like 3 days i now have what looks like cotton under some leaves not many, an partially on 1 or 2 stems an its on about 4 of 6 plants... well i noticed these little white bugs are in the cotton shit.. like wtf is this damn thing.. but these are in my flower room the other one i found in the veg tent... .. the girls are about 8 weeks an about a week or 2 from ready to being cut .. was 7 plants under only a 600 watt hps an 250 watts of cfls .. so buds arent huge but decent.. an now this shit.. was gonna start flushin them tonight... should i kill the bugs an whatever this other shit is ...or choppem now? Really gettin first to grows were ruined by hermies now this.. any input is greatlyv appreciated.. heres pics of the starship trooper bug that i found in my veg tent ( only a few) an the whit things in the flower room.. i cant see it being powdery mold since i have 3 fans going... an 8 inch apollo inline fan that is scrubbing the air an recircing it.. its on high so its pyshin alot of air under the canopy.. then i have a 10-12. In osc fan blowing above the pots an a little smaller fan over the canopy... tge humidity doesnt get over 57 an is usually in the 40s.. i took a damp paper towl an wiped them down... what should i do.. trichs are about 30-40% amber the big white thing thing on the plant kinda looked like a white fly.. was pretty big.. i smushed it first chance i got.. an tje smaller white things freakin hop like a sun of a bitch... anyway whay should i do?

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  2. Looks like PM to me...
  3. Thats what i thought but wad mealy bugs... nasty fuckers .. anyway all taken care of now , all dead an harvested thr ladies.. didnt flush like i wanted but.. oh well beter then them nasty fucks all over yhe buds...
  4. The bugs are leaf hoppers and the white stuff looks like some kind of mold.
  5. It's mealy bugs...Just spray the plants with water or neem. No need to early harvest.

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