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Discussion in 'General' started by easy skankin, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. some seriously fucked up shit happened today

    i live in chapel hill, nc and go to east chapel hill high school. today after school a dude who was in tutoring like flipped out or somthing. he pulled out two guns and an knife and held this girl and a teacher hostage for about an hour. then he shot out a window and attempted to shoot a the girl but missed. he then ran out of the school and tried to hide in my friends backyard where he was eventually caught.

    thankfully no one was hurt, but thats some heavy stuff. especially considering that in the past couple days 2 attempted school shootings have been stopped. i mean what the fuck is goin on thats driving ppl to want to bring guns to skool and shoot ppl?

    i dont know what im expecting you guys to say (if anything) but this whole thing has just been kinda depressing me that theres so many ppl in the US doing or even considering doing this kinda shit

    its fucked up
  2. all i can say is dont go to ur school on 6/6/6
  3. wow, fucking wow

    people are such bullshit. That kinda stuff pisses me off......wish there was a way we could weed people like this out
  4. yeah like a machine or something. It would smite anyone who was going to do that. lol
  5. see this sounds so weird to me because i live in an area where the last murder that occurred was professor plum in the dining room with the candlestick.
  6. i live 15 mins from columbine so that stuff is not taken lightly around here, not saying it is taken lightly other places but here especially. Its fucking ridiculous, its mostly for the attention, think about how many people think of columbine when they hear colorado or littleton.

  7. well this is kinda twisted, but i always thought it'd be fuckin ill to shoot my school up, start it off with a grenade in the cafeteria, or kill all the office people first with the frag so no one calls the cops for awhile

    it'd be sick haha yea i know i'm fucked up, i bet i flip out one day cuz of dxm brain damage n become a serial killer, that'd be pretty cool
  8. ^no one wants to hear that man, keep it to yourself and seek some talk therapy...
  9. lol...clue? wtf:confused:

    Anways, dude. That really sucks man. I don't know why people are acting so fucking insane. It's sad.
  10. Please don't, because then they'll blame drugs.
    It's not nice to kill people.

    Please do what's right - and not hurt people while you still have a chance, give them a chance to live.
  11. it's a tuesday just so he knows lol

  12. Haha I feel ya, I used to live there...
  13. aw boo i dont have school on 6/6/6, final exams end the 1st:devious:

    You guys are gonna sit there and tell me you've NEVER daydreamt of shooting somewhere up? Eh i guess i should isolate myself from the world then....after i smoke this J
  14. Haha, I'm gonna work out how 2 give rep just 2 award u for that one, very amusing
  15. just click on the little scale looking thing in the upper right hand corner of his post and a little window thingy should pop up... (if thats even what you were asking)

  16. nah i'm already outta highschool, n for the dude who said to get talk therapy it aint cuz kids in school pissed me off or anything, i jus have a really fucked up head n i think of violent shit in a pleasant manner but dont proceed due to consequence

    somethin about spraying a fully automatic weapon into a crowd of people seems exhilarating to me, dxm must have the same kinda damage on the brain as angel dust cuz i'm for real fucked up

  17. Lol negligent, i love u man, but ur hella scary :smoking:

    Just ah, when u see me hiding behind that overturned cafeteria table, dont shoot plz.

  18. LOL.... weed..... :wave:
  19. lol my post was fruity.

    but seriously they will blame drugs. But play some FirstPersonShooter games, they sure are fun.:D

  20. ^^^ funniest shit i have ever read.

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