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Discussion in 'General' started by joebob13, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I live in the suburbs of philly and I'm having a bit of a problem getting my hands on any good chronic. I've been getting weed through friends, but I'm a lot more into it than they are. I have been using specifically one dealer who lives in a neighborhood really close to mine. He usually holds a lot of bud at any time (think 4 grand worth or so) but a ton of people buy from him, so he goes dry every two weeks or so for a few days. I've been trying to buy from him for the last few days, but I have to buy through a friend since he doesn't know me well and probably won't sell.

    So, I always end up with my shady friend getting me weed, its $65 an eighth for headies but that seems a bit steep. I wouldn't mind some higher middies. The problem is this kid will take a pinch or so of my weed, which pisses me off. Today he went into twon to get me some weed without telling me. He had 25 bucks of mine. He gave the dealer my 25 bucks and it supposedly getting the weed tomorrow or the next day. I trust him, but I like having control over my own cash. What do you guys recomend I do? Where can I find some good bud around here?
  2. Sucks dude. I can find good mids pretty easy. It's the dank I have a hard time coming up with. I'd take $65 for some real headies. Only good bud I can get at the moment is Kush and that's runnin $25 a G - no matter how much you buy :( It's good bud, though. Very much worth the money when you've been smokin mids forever.

    EDIT: I'm just outside Philly myself. In L-Town. Where you at?
  3. shit dude suburbs of the outer part of atl here and i can get ANYTHING BASICALLY Lol sucks 4 you guys sorry bout that.. lol
  4. Thanks guys. If you've got something to say thats local or whatever PM me. Mods feel free to delete this or whatever if thats not allowed.
  5. where in philly suburbs, cuz where I am its very easy to find excellent herb at reasonable prices.
  6. Central bucks county... d town
  7. Where are you at, then? I've noticed that mad people are having this problem lately. I can get shitty beasters for about $130 a half, but they're so shitty I'd rather smoke mids (which is going for like $60 a half)....

    There's some killer kush goin around, but it's $25 and only for sale by the gram :(

    Southern Bucks sucks this time of year :mad:
  8. just off the main line here, this area is normally so bountiful this time of year because the number of colleges around. between villanova and all of the smaller schools you can imagine how much good bud comes in. West chester is also a very easy spot to find good weed, I'm not too familiar with bucks county so I wont be of much help as far as hot spots there.
  9. Not really Philly, but Wilmington is havin the same problem. No headies have been around the last 3 weeks to a month almost, it's getting out of hand.

    Anybody know what happened to them all? Growers are sold out and in between harvests? Any info PM me.
  10. SHHH! Don't tell anyone but all the headies are in California.
  11. yea im in oregon and i always got dank
  12. MAYBE if you guys didn't have such a shitty football team, then it wouldn't be a problem. :p
  13. Just be glad you have something.

    I've been trying to find something for close to 2 weeks now.


    Dry as hell.
  14. this is why i live in california.
    its so fucking easy to get weed, its not even funny.
    i get some ok mids for about 10 a G.
    if you want some dank, like maybe some fire, some purple, some trainreck...that would go for about 10 for a 0.8, i could buy about 15 grams of some purple DANK for about 140.....all you gotta do is know the right people and your set.
    im sure thats how it is there too man.....just keep looking someones gunna pop up

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