WTF is going on? Did my bro fuck me over?

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  1. I am really confused right now here is what's happening. Whenever I need bud I call my brother, he knows a guy that gets it for him for cheap, so he usually gets me some good bud for a good price. Today, I gave him the money so he can pick some bud up for me for the weekend. He sparked me up this morning, so he is still borrowing my bong at the moment. But it is weird because an hour after I gave him the money, he left the house to go somewhere. I thought he was going to get my bud, he comes back and calls me, I thought it was to tell me to come and get my bud. But, instead he calls and asks to borrow my grinder, I didn't think much at first but I gave him my grinder. He said I'll get my bud very soon that I shouldn't have to wait long at all. It's been about 2 hours since then and he is not picking up. Does this sound sketchy to u guys, did he use my money to buy bud and then smoke himself up with my money? I'm just pissed and have no idea what's going on, if he really did do that I'm shocked that my own bro would do such a thing. What do you guys think, sorry if this thread seems pointless, I'm pretty pissed if he really did fuck me over like that. What do you guys think?
  2. Jerk off, take a nap, talk to him when he's back.
    Sorry, best I can do.
  3. How about you know.. you go ask him.
  4. is he back yet?
  5. Okay, I called him and he finally answered and when I asked him about what was going on he said he got robbed. Anyway, he just finally tells me to come upstairs, hands me my bud, grinder, and bong. Wtf, and he looked high, but my sac is not opened. I am worried about him as he is a recovering heroin addict, and I would hate to see he go back down that road. He also said the bud sucked lol, it's green and smells nice I don't see how. He must be high on something. Let's just hope it's not heroin.
  6. Remind him heroin is not green, it's your brotherly responsibility.
  7. Go smoke already and stsu
  8. he's your brother.. if you guys are anything like me and my bro, i would never fuck him (he's my little bro) he always gets straight business, and he always shares if i'm out... win win...
  9. Ummm what did they rob him of?

  10. Nothing, lol he joked about that, and had my bud for the entire 2 hours he was home wtf. Lol, when I came to get the bud, bong, and grinder, He could not stop smiling and his eyes were slightly red. Lol, it was obvious he was high, but it is weird cuz my sac was unopened and still weighed up to 5 grams(what I bought). I am blazed at the moment and i feel that there are many errors and I apologize if this isn't easy to read. :D :bongin: <-- Gonna be taking bong hits all night. :)
  11. anyway, please do your best to "awake" your bro from heroin. trust me you don't want to see him that way
  12. Well why don't you go get it yourself? Maybe he felt like doing stuff on his schedule.

    I live with my brother and it takes him forever to do stuff.
  13. Just ask, did you blaze or did you do something stupid aka heroin
  14. He's your brother, not your dealer. More things can be done.

    Go yell at him and fuck with him.
  15. "hmm let's get high and see how long it takes this dumbass to walk 30 feet and get his weed."
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    I would never fuck a guy period, lettalone my brother

  17. Most bud smells nice. :)
  18. my brother used to get scared i would rob him for some reason, i was usually waiting on my dealer to finish eating or to get back into town because he went far for bud drop off's to far friends sometimes.

    also he probably got more bud than you asked for because he got a hook up, probably got an extra G and kept it for himself, split the sack and smoked his.

    also i do the same shit though, always forgettin to give my brother his shit for a while because i was too excited to split the danks up or playing a video game or some shit lol

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