wtf is a motorized pipe ?

Discussion in 'General' started by chronikk, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. me n a frend were looking for pipes and shit and we found this "motorized pipe" wtf is a mororized pipe like why the fuck would a pipe need a motor ..

    Im his friend heres some details:

    Motorized pipe
    4 battery

    Reg: $34.95CAD

    Can't really give direct link so:
    then go to
    # Herb Tools - Pipes - Other

    Metal, Stone, Wood, etc.

    its on that page.

    can yall tell me what u know bt it ??? :D:smoking:
  2. it's funny as hell it takes the hit for you you just press a button
  3. omg lol thats hilarious. that would like ruin smoking though.
  4. how does it take the hit for you .. i dont get it .. that would mean you dont take the hit or wtf ???
  5. Yeah, so im his friend, lol im guessing it blows weed out? wouldn't that be like perfect for hotboxing?
  6. Someone should get one and do a review...

    Sounds interesting.
  7. sick man u signed up !! props and welcome
  8. I'll get one.. I need a few more $ lol, im saving the rest for you know what.
  9. lmfao for some .... CHRONIKKKKKKKKK:D

    'and wen you do ur supplying the next sesh :D
  10. You hit the button and it pushes smoke out of the mouthpiece.
  11. hmmm, Now this has me wondering, are there any pipes that have an intergrated jet lighter or something?:D tha'd be sick.
  12. its one of those crappy pc vaccums (for cleaning keyboards and such) with a metal bowl on it

    I'm sure it'd taint the smoke...gets pretty hot and it's plastic

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