wtf is a dutch

Discussion in 'General' started by foolcoolguy, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. is a dutch like a swisher
  2. A Dutch Master cigar

  3. do u roll them like a swisher

  4. yessir. well, i think so. ive never had the opportunity to bar a dutchie. but im gueessing its the same thing. i think theres only one way to roll a blunt
  5. nah i think its a lil diff. u gotta unroll the bacco stead of splittin it down the middle
  6. well once you unroll it you don't have to split it?
  7. sounds emo. i like swishers.
  8. You remove the outter leaf first, Then you crack the blunt (knife, usually just use your hands) Then empty the guts, roll the weed in the inner leaf, and then roll the outter leaf around it. Some people dont even use the outter leaf after they unroll it, it makes it burn slower IMO
  9. Its a wrap. You cut it, gut it, fill it and smoke it

    Dutches, swishers, phillies, even the higher quality blunts are still just blunts.
  10. a blunt is a blunt in the end they will be smoked n toked
  11. Dont forget rip off the cancer paper
  12. Wrong.


    Duthcies, I like em but aient a huge fan.

    Phillies suck through and through, I thought that 10 years ago, I tryed em again the other day, Fuck phillies. All glossy surgary bullshit.

    Swishers is where its at, They just seem the most non-fucked with. More jus how they supposed to be no gimmick.

    Always been a swisher smoka, Always will be.
  13. A dutch.

    Grab the green leaf.

    Mm mm.
  14. Nah son, gotta take the leaf off a dutch or a game, roll the inner leaf and wrap the outer leaf. Swishers are good but phillies are the shittiest cigars in the world.

  15. Im not sayin you cant roll blunts different ways but no not wrong.

    Splitting a blunt down the middle the old fashioned way always works. I know you know your shit KSR and your ways work just fine i bet. I know my shit too though and I know what ive done with all kinds of blunts.

    Tons of ways to prep and roll. I stick to the classic

    I smoke dutch most of the time by the way
  16. Dutchies are where its at. Just have to be careful with the outer leaf and keep it moist. You can scroll it or bust it down the middle and roll it.

    I only smoke dutchies as far blunts go...phillies, swishers, white owls...etc just are not my cup-o-tea. I also bang with Garcia y Vega too.
  17. Dutch...
    Unravel it...the leaf...
    split the wood down tha middle...
    dump tha tabacco...
    insert dro...
    and then roll the leaf around the actual rolling paper...

    I never rolled a swisher before...but im pretty sure they are the same...
  18. wtf? seriously? i have smoked many a blunt, and i would say a good 90% of them have been dutches...i've never even seen a swisher. maybe it has to do with what part of the country you live in.
  19. dutches ftw!

    i usually scroll em, but ill split em if im in a hurry, but it deffinitely won't burn as nice... it deffinitely burns better and slower when its scrolled and rerolled, correctly. i like games to, since theyre larger and easy to roll with, but the paper is just too thick for it to be as good as a dutch. Swishers, phillies and white owls i only use when they are sold out of the better blunts ie. dutches or games... a philly, swisher or owl will just never burn as long
  20. Swisher Sweet? they are little ass dutches basically. I've never smoked one before.

    A dutch is a cigar with a outer leaf and a inner-leaf. You do not have to unravel the outer leaf.
    That is for only when you are wrapping the blunt also known as scrolling.

    You can just crack the dutch like this;(this was a stale dutch too:mad:)

    throw some smoke up in the bitch

    and pearl that motherfucker

    you just roll it, idk how you pearl a Swisher but it's probably the same

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