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WTF?!? I need a clean pipe!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wittle Retod, May 26, 2010.

  1. K so i have an old ass wood pipe.... i haven't used it and im assuming it hasnt been used for like 10 years or so and there's black hardened residue all over bowl.... i usually smoke j's and with friends bongs, BUT HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I CLEAN THIS???? i've heard that its bad to use water, so rub alc?????...:confused:
  2. I'd try to use some rubbing alch but make sure after you're done you rinse that out. That'd be smart.

  3. Old as in antique, or old as in piece of shit?
  4. haha yeah definately not antique... a POS yes... I dont really care about it, but i mean i'd like to use it and not waste weed w/ j's or go out and buy a pipe lol
  5. dude i want 1 of those bad ass lighters!! but ya thats pretty coo pipe deal... im diggin the mason jar thingy too lol
  6. Thats a legit peice for $3
  7. Thanks sir. I got a taller one two times bigger for $5.

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