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Discussion in 'General' started by huzi, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Soo... I had a tiny bowl filled with avb (I had tipped out all my avb collection baggies into one bowl). This bowl was on my table. I was getting my mflb ready to vape some keif since my stash had just finished (my routine is to finish my stash, finish my keif, eat my avb then go buy more weed). I opened my grinder and tried to take out some keif from the grinder to put in my trench, but my hand slipped and all of my keif fell... into the bowl of avb.

    I was glad it didn't fall on the floor or on the table (which was quite dirty), but all of the keif had fallen on the avb and was almost impossible to get back out. So, I had an idea, I decided to mix the avb and keif together and fill a trench. I proceeded to vape that trench...

    It was amazing. An unexpected amount of vapor was produced and I have no idea why, you don't usually get that amount of vapor from re-vaping your avb stash. After finishing the whole trench (I always hold in my hits for 5-10 seconds) I was surprised at how high a single trench got me. The trench got me to about a [6], maybe [5]. That's the level i'm at right now typing this.[​IMG]

    So... if you mix keif with avb it somehow becomes more 'potent' inside a vaporizer. Maybe the thc in the keif 'helps' the remaining THC and cannabinoids in the avb to boil off and produce vapor? I'm not sure, but it works really well, you should definitely try it next time you got some spare avb and keif lying about. Enjoy :wave:

    TL;DR: I discovered that if you mix keif with avb and vape it, the mixture is somehow more potent and gets you higher.
  2. You know if you're really hard up you can smoke avb. It tastes like ass and is kinda harsh but it will get you stoned in a pinch
  3. Yea I just smoke my avb. Gets you quite high. I think your kief coated avb worked so well cuz it was so dry, and got a lot of trichs to boil all at once. Kief does wonders.

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