Wtf? I just got a girl? I mean I'm high right now...and WTF?!

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Dude. I still can't believe it. This came out of nowhere. So like...apparently this one girl from work likes me and made it clear and I made it clear that I liked her but nothing was really said and I have no idea what the fuck is going on haha. But man, she's everything I wanted in a girl. Smokes bud, rolls and goes to raves. Damn. And pretty to boot.

    I've only had one other relationship before this and it wasn't a happy ending, although I did get to learn a lot from it. So yea...I'm by no means a pimp. But yea, I'm just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.

    Man, all I know is this is awesome.:D
  2. Tis a GREAT, feeling.

  3. get her on some thizz and beatt it up mann!
  4. 2nd that shit.
  5. ...but....but... Uncle Sam said.... "if you have sex on ecstasy, all the sex after that will never be as good and it will be boring!@!! Don't do it! lmfao.

    Man, y'aint OFFICIAL are you? If so, I'm sorry... lol
  6. Do i hear wedding bells? (Ding Dong Ding)
  7. *fixed
  8. Good shit Man.
  9. Awesome to hear for you buffet.

    First a job, now a girl. +rep to you!
  10. Damn that is awesome! It could only get better if she had a grow op goin so you two had pretty much an endless supply of bud.
  11. Yep, you know im in a similar situation, bro. best of luck.

  12. oh my god hahahahhahha
  13. That's sweet man. I'm in a situation very similar to yours. It's great when ya make things clear and it turns out for the best! :D Treat her well.
  14. Haha thanks for all posts guys :D.

    Haha yea we plan on going to a rave and rollin together. I don't even wanna think of how awesome that would be.

    I forgot to mention that she's white (and I'm asian).

    Race is meaningless to me, but don't tell me you hear of an asian guy landing a white girl everyday. :)

    EDIT: Here's a pic:


    Too bad it doesn't show what a chill girl she is haha.

  15. lol wtf? junior high school flashbacks. your the man fool take charge!
  16. At least it shows what a cutey she is.
  17. GO BUFFET. Just be careful mixing work and passion(u know what i mean). i fucked a couple coworkers back in the day at my job(when i wasnt with my lady) and its just weird talking to them after. I just think in my mind ( dam, chick had my **** in her mouth and more) so yeah it gets mad awkward. Hope it works out. Bout to pack a bowl for you duke

  18. Wanna think awkward, think about all the other dicks that have been in her mouth. I got head from a girl who sucked my best friend since 6th grade dick. It was hella gross man.
  19. hahah it took me a while to get it cause I was high, but damn that was funny!
  20. Awesome man. I found that feeling Friday, from the girl I've wanted since I met her. It's a wonderful feeling bro!:hello:

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