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Discussion in 'General' started by Ypres, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else noticed the shows on the History Channel have gone seriously downhill relatively recently? All the shows are about armageddon, bible codes or Nostradamus or natural disasters. I am fine if they have shows like that but none of those are really that historical. I want more shows on Medieval, classical and modern history. I want to see more specials on Vikings, the Gilded Age or the Roman Empire. I don't doubt that there have been a few specials about historical subjects recently and I also don't have a problem with the show "The Universe" which is like ultra-historical if you think about it but I would still like to see more history. I am planning on being a college history professor, aka a historian, I use to love this station now I rarely watch it at all.

    So, what do you all think?
  2. Can't say I really disagree with you here... But I haven't really been watching the history channel recently... I moved back with my parents and they got over 100 movie channels :D
  3. I know exactly what you mean. The specials on medieval history, with all the British professors talking (I loved those parts) were my favorite History Channel times. Now all the shows have a new hip entity to it. Same with Discovery Channel to a bit I think. I can't stand Daily Planet and those shows. I only watch the Frontiers of Construction now hen they have them on. Both channels ain't what they used to be mahn.
  4. You must have never seen their "From Peyote to LSD" special that aired a while back. good shit, but they've never (to my knowledge, and im a frequent channel surfer) shown a rerun of it.

    i cant complain about History Channel really, i enjoy the 2012 specials and of course "The Universe".
  5. Easily my favorite channel on TV (when I do happen to have time to watch it.) That and History International.

    On my days off and its too snowy to do anything, I would usually just get baked with my girl and watch hours of History channel nonstop. How can you not love Modern Marvels?

    Generally anything to do with the Romans, Vikings, Celts...pretty much anything medieval and below has my ass parked in the couch.
  6. recently ive only been seeing monster quest about sasquatch whenever i tune in, it's happened to me like 3 times..
  7. appealing to the lowest common denominator is the modus operandi of television programming
  8. i usually watch the universe and the conspiracy things they air
  9. yeah i have noticed that too.. its like the closer we get to a prophesized doomsday the more the history channel puts on its scare tactic shows.. but there are still a few good shows on there.
  10. Whatever happened to Mail Call? I havent seen it in ages... does THC still play it?
  11. yeah that was one of the best shows on the history channel
  12. yeah it's kinda dumbed down

    it's entertaining though
  13. Yeah i've noticed they keep playing religious stuff all the time and im an atheist so it kinda pisses me off lol
  14. i like the nostradamis stuff but I would like to see more ancient greek, roman, persian and chinese stuff.
  15. Yeah, the nostradomus 2012 special was great. That's kind of why i'm glad i invested in a DVR. I don't watch tv that often, so i get a chance to record the specials that catch my eye, and skip over the ones that don't
  16. Jesus, I was just thinking the same damn thing!

    I watched something on the Goths a couple days ago, that kept me pretty content for awhile. :)

    Nothing like pillaging and raping the fragments of the Roman Empire. :devious:
  17. Has anyone ever noticed that the abbreviation of The History Channel is THC ;)
  18. haha nope never noticed it.
  19. It's been like that for at least 5 years. The "doomsday" specials, on any channel, are fucking played out.

    After thinking in retrospect; TLC is a joke, History Channel has gotten *pretty* bad (the best parts on it are still The Most and the Classroom things, and Histories Lost and Found) Nat Geo is OK, and Discovery isn't the same (I had Discovery on 24/7 when I was younger,) but it's got the most brownie points from me.
  20. yeh discovery channel fell off.

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