WTF Help! is she Dieing??

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  1. Last 4 wks Ive been cutting down on watering only until pot is completly dry (-/+4 days) Shes been fed only fox farms tiger bloom 1 tsp every other watering.

    3 days ago in noticed that almost all my fan leaves turned yellow.. I did a quick search and gathered info pointing at deficiencies :confused: The day after that i found my female lookn very sad almost all the leaves turned brown, withered and lifeless. i instantly gave it 1/2 gal. of plain spring water and the pics were taken today or the day after.


    She stands 33" tall on her 43rd day from 12/12 switch. I did raise the light from 9" to 12" btw its a 250 watt metal halide (best I could do for now.) In a 3 gal pot.. soil is jungle growth grower's mix. run-off ph is 6.0 ( i water 5.0 spring water n nutes then 7.0 spring water.) temps are 80-82.

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  2. Don't do 5.0 spring water with nutes followed by 7.0. Keep it stable - water in @ a range of 6.4-6.8 keeping run-off above 6.

    Your leaves look like crap but I see good buds; she could just be finishing up, leeching N as she should (theres not enough N to keep her going atm)

    Next watering you CAN give her a TINY bit of vege nutes, at a rate of half what you're feeding the bloom, to try and keep her over until you chop
  3. thanks for the fast reply. I just bought some ff big bloom today and watered with 2 tsp of bb and 1 tsp of tb. trying to boost nutes available from your reply it seems like I over did it??
  4. btw sorry for the newb question but what is "atm"
  5. Maybe, maybe not. I only gave you low numbers so you don't burn your plants - a burn is 100x worse than a deficiency. Just water clean next time and you should be fine

    atm = at the moment
  6. I was thinking on giving her a full 9 wks before chop n shes working on wk 7. Would you consider this close?? Alot of bud hairs are white and some orange...
  7. Dunno; go by feel!

    Some tips:

    If your buds are rock hard, they are close to being done.
    If your buds stink like hell, they are close to being done.
    If your buds are RESINY, they are close to being done.
    If your buds are 50% white haired 50% red hairs they are REALLY close to being done!!

    More important tips :

    Wait until the buds themselves, the things the hairs come out of, appear to be eating the hairs - the hairs should disapear as those buds get bigger

    Get a jewlers loupe and check the trichomes on your buds. The high YOU want will determine when you harvest. This is the single most important determinant factor on when you should harvest!
    You wan't to wait until all or most trichomes are cloudy. A good sign is when your trichomes begin to bow over, or look like fat nice golfballs on a thin stalk.

    If you want a clear headed high look for all the trichomes being cloudy before harvesting, without allowing amber trichomes to raise above 10%.

    If you want a heavier, stonier, high wait for those ambers to keep increasing in number - I harvest @ 30-40% amber for my bed-time buds.

    A good median is 10-20% amber with all other trichomes being cloudy.

    Cloudy trich = trich filled with THC.
    Clear trich = unfinished trich, still has potential to go opaque as more THC is shoved in
    Amber trich = dead, dying, degrading trichome whose THC is being broken down and converted to other compounds, most notibly CBD - you will NOT get a 1:1 ratio (IE, breaking down "5" THC's will not yield "5" CBDs)
  8. thnx 4 the info bro. Im guessn shes close to being ready but I do notice a lot of white hairs still and was planning on chopping at the end of wk 9. Im guessn lack of nitrogen and the heat exhaustion from the close light contributed to the shitty lookn leaves? Im guessn no more than 2-3 wks left for her. Im pickn up a scope tomorrow :cool:
  9. Go easy on the fox farms bb especially so late in flower. Looks like you were having a little bit of a ph problem, but not too bad. Leaves will yellow when they are finishing up anyway. I would give it a good flush. Hell, I would forget the nutes all together and start the final flush pretty soon. If you're having ph problems to begin with, the plant wont be able to absorb all of the nutrients anyway. I would do a really nice final flush, at least a 20gal RO water. I recommend so much water b/c of the heavy dose of BB you just fed it.

    Oh and 1sttimegrower has some good info. Listen to that guy.
  10. the feeding chart for ff is 3tsp bb and 2tsp but I hear you might be a good idea to lay off nutes this late in the game. I will plan a flush soon Ill try to pick up like 3 5gal jugs..

  11. Fuck that feeding chart. That shit will burn your plant to the ground. I mean you can work your way up to "full strength" without problems, but feeding them that right away you're asking for trouble. All I use is fox farms, and whatever they say on the schedule, i cut that shit in half. Start out with 1/4 strength, and don't feed em until your ph is stable, that will just make it worse.
  12. Ok. I keep hearing its strong stuff. Got you. My run off ph is has been 6.0 ever since ive been testing it. However the tiger bloom bring the water ph down so I water with neutral spring water ever other time to balance everything out..
  13. New research has shown the CBD and thc production are controlled by the same "gene" but thc does not degrade into CBD, ill look for the link to the study

    Really changes the way we think about marijuanas secondary chemical production

    Edit: totally irrelevant to the thread my bad
  14. LOL still interesting... any take on the topic?

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