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  1. my first time smoking pot, had an Advil in the morning and an exedrin in the afternoon, then I drank two beers right before I shared a blunt with my bro, high grade weed, took about four hits and smoked it(like you would a cigarette) till it was done. I became hypersensitive to vibrations and my stomach felt like shit, started to feel like I was caught in limbo between asleep and awake, felt better when I would open my eyes but was so tired and would close my eyes and my mind would make me think they were open, ended up stopping and getting food because we were hungry (I hadn't eaten lunch yet this was about 1:30), I ate my fries slowly because my stomach was hurting, stomach started to feel better, food tasted like food does when your sick(aka not good), put burger away and gave in to sleep and slept for 2 hours. Felt fine befor the weed, WTF happened to me? Did I get high? because I just felt a numbness and sick. Shouldn't I have had munchies?
  2. Hey! Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    If you're sure it was a blunt and not a joint (i.e. Wrapped in tobacco paper) then if it's your first time smoking tobacco then that would be it. First time on both fronts must have made the high very intense, with your described side effects.

    If you're used to tobacco, then you must have had some really potent weed and just got too high. It's called "greening out" and you end up feeling kinda sick and dizzy.

    Also I'm pretty sure beer makes the high kind of different and since you had two it might have attributed to the effects you felt. I don't drink personally so I can't tell from experience.

    Next time, try it an hour after having lunch, without taking anything else before, even tobacco. Refrain from using a blunt as well try a jay or a pipe/bong. Go slowly. Don't take anymore hits than you're comfortable with. When you get comfortable with the high (give it at least thirty minutes) then you can try drinking/smoking tobacco while high.

    Hopefully this helps!
  3. Thank you i really didn't know what happened
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  4. You just had waaaay to much. As far as quality goes, it doesn't make much of a difference if you cheif away on that blunt like that. my bro K got high for the first time and hit this 3 paper cone about 15 times in a row, it was a party and I heard them chanting and counting off his hits. K got,super sick, threw up, pissed and shit his pants and woke up in a closet, in a strange house. How's that for an adventure. We still fuck with him about it.

    Just hit it a couple times and Waite a few minutes to see how it goes. Typically, some one new to the experience will only need a couple hits bro. Ganja can be overwhelming the first few times so don't be afraid to say you only need to hit it a few times. Hang out for a bit and then if you're feeling froggy then hit it again.

    I was a one hitter quitter kinda guy for the first 7 or 8 years I smoked. As a matter of fact, the less ganja I was using the better the high was for me. When I started needing 3 or 4 bong tokes it becomes, I dunno, redundant and lackadaisical in a way. So, if you can, I recommend keeping your tolerance as low as possible. You'll feel better the next day as well. Good luck and stay safe.
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  5. This study provides evidence to suggest that mixing ibuprofen with weed can actually reduce the high that one feels from THC. Ibuprofen blocks a particular enzyme (COX-2) that THC needs to exert all its effects on our brains. They are considering putting this into practice for patients who want the medicinal benefits of THC without the sluggish 'high' that comes with it.

    Why Ibuprofen Is a Buzzkill
  6. idk man do it again if u want 2 but dont smoke so much take 1 hit (a small one) to just get familiar with the feeling. Its not like the first time u drank booze u took 6 shots to the face instantly and then where like wtf is happening im pretty drunk. You took it slow one beer two beers a shot or two etc. It depends on your tolarence but i havent smoked in a while i smoke a little i get really fucking faded well not from 4 hits but a joint can almost knock me out.
  7. You got really high for your first time. NOTHING works the way it's supposed to for your first couple of times.
  8. Weed can sometimes make a stomach shaky to begin with but i wouldn't doubt that the tobacco from said blunt or alcohol consumed did leave a mark in how you felt. Next time you smoke try a joint or a bowl, enjoy the green on its own and see if you feel any better.

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  9. You just smoked too much, and it was a blunt..

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