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wtf happened to my weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryax, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. ive been smoking just about the same dro (some pretty good dro) on LI for like 5 years. recently the weed turned darker and shit and is starting to look more like mids but has no seeds... some nugs look shitty and some nugs look good.... i kiefed the shitty lookin' ones. The weed is still good but it has a lot harsher taste and alot more darker. i mean im not complaining but i recently got a half ounce for $120 and ground up probably more than half of the weed cuz it looked like shit. I think i might pick up a half o of some exotics later cuz this "dro" (it seems like its mixed or something - or the plants died - or something) aint cutting it lol
  2. either its not the same bud, or your getting the bottom of that dealers sack. normally, its easy to tell when a dealers running out of that particular bud. youll get a lot of popcorn with no stems in it, and sometimes a lot of flat or crumbled buds that have been stuck at the bottom of the bag. that can be a good or bad thing, but i definately recomend getting some new bud, it doesnt sound like its worth spending the money if it keeps getting worse.

    i had the same problem with a dealer. stop using him and hell come back with ebtter bud than before if he cant keep selling the shit.
  3. Maybe your dealer is trying to get over on ya.. Like buying both mids, and dro and selling bags of a mix to increase his profit. Would be quite obvious, but to be honest I'd say 9 out 10 would buy it, notice the lower quality, and never say anything or compalin bout it..

    Either that or it's just a new variety, and not as good as the last. or the bottom of the bags.. In either case I'd ask the dealer what th hell happend to his quality, and if it keeps going the other way-quality getting worse your gonna look for other sources.
  4. Don't call your dealer for a couple weeks, I do this all the time becuase I have so many people I can call and then your dealer will realize how much business you give him/her and then they will hook you up so you continue to go through them.

  5. finally some LI love. i've been smoking haze and kush all season! its the summer time on the north shore and all i can FIND are exotics

    ps. look out for ak47 comming preeeettttyy soon
  6. me and all my friends just threw down on a O of northern lights. Its amazing i'll put pics up tomorrow. $100 for 7 grams (sold around here for 140-160 a quarter to anyone else, .7-.8 $20 depending on who you are dealing with)

    as for the dro - like ive said i've been smokin the same weed for 5 years and just recently it got worse, its not like my dealer is trying to jerk me, theirs only 25 other people i can get weed from because our connects are constant and don't b/s us except for these last couple of batches, so i copped the exotics.

  7. So what do you suppose happend to your weed these last few batches? Did ur dealer say hey this is not good as the last 5 years take it for half price? IF not I know I'd feel "jerked around". hook up with one of the other 25 and stop paying for lower quality then your used too recieving. either it's bottom of the bags your getting, or it's not the same herb, choose one i guess..
  8. Read my new post. hehe

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