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  1. ok so i bought some weed from this dude i go to school with and it was the second time iv bought from him so i bought enough for a j (a lil over 1g i think it was 1.7 or sumthin) so anyway he acidentaly gave me an extra bud so i got home grinded it up rolled my first j and blazed whail watching blazeing saddles (<< lol) and i finshed the j and decided to listen to some radio moscow (< awsome fukin band) i go to my room lay down put on the album brain cycles and about when the album finished i was flyin higher than i ever have before this was even better than my first time and then i started to doze into sleep a lil bit when i started to get really really really thirst like out of no where so i got up got a drink and layed back down to discover i wasnt tired anymore but i still wanted to lay there just cuz i was baked and i was comfterble and then i started to feel really odd like my heart felt like it was beating to fast but when i felt my chest it was beating normal i felt really odd in my stomich i didnt hurt like i was sick it felt just really wierd and at the same time i started to feel like i was stuck on my bed like i couldnt move even if i wanted to like i was in prision or sumthin and by now the feeling i get from weed was gone i still felt high but not weed high and i had all this wierd shit happening, when i stood up to help my dad with sumthin and i could barley do it cuz i was dizzey and stumbling instead of walking i was sluring, i remeber thinkin at one point that i was trippin but i knew i wasnt cuz i wasnt havein any closed or open eyed or auditory halloucinations or any euphoria so i knew that was out then i was sure the fuck i biught it from did sumthin to my weed and that was the only thing that it could have been the feeling finaly faded enough that i fell asleep and the next day i asked the guy what the fuck he did to my weed and he said nuthin but i still kicked the shit outta him cuz i was sure he did sumthin to it butr know i m not sure i was hopein that one of you guys could tell me what happened to me did i get a 100% pure hit? or did he lace the weed with sumthin,if so what? did i trip and not know it? wtf was this and what caused it? all help is appreciated thnx ever1 and remeber "pot gets you throught times of no money way better than money gets you through times of no pot:smoking:"
  2. I don't think it was laced bro, you probably just had some good weed, I'm guessing you hadn't smoked in a lil' bit before that, and maybe you hadn't eaten in a while or something and so it was a lot more potent for you, like I've had that happen a lot cause I'm a super skinny guy and have a low tolerance to herb when I haven't smoked in a week or two and same thing happens. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you don't want that to happen again just don't smoke as much if you haven't smoked in a while but I like it when that happens, it's crazy :) :smoking:
  3. lol...i think you were just really high and panicked or something...this happened to me before..i knew the weed wasnt laced because the guy i was smoking with wasnt trippin
  4. Good weed?

    A lot of people post these "was my weed laced" threads.
    Usually it isn't laced. weird shit happens sometimes, most likely your mental setting and just getting really relaxed and into the high.
  5. This thread ended at his signature:

    "Everything i say on this site is fake and not to be taken seriousley in the least"
  6. You were just trippin'. Friggin accept and embrace it.
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    @ Imarty: no, this really did happen i just put the as my sig for the hell of it
  8. you was high. too high.
  9. looks like you had a case of the "reefer madness"
  10. I smoked crack one time with my friend on accident..
    hehe we knew it while we were high too we were like :eek::eek::eek:

    you didnt get shit laced and if you really did beat the kids ass thats fucked up lmfao
  11. this one kid i knew was like "yeah i smoked crack one time to try it out, but it wasnt good, didnt do anything"

    i was like wow your a retard haha.

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