wtf happened to me last night

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  1. I was at a friends vacation house and I was heavily intoxicated... like 10 beers and 2 shots. I went to bed, and woke up with my underwear soaking wet...except the part where the little button is was completely dry. Im trying to figure out what happened. At first I thought i pissed myself, which would be extremely embarassing. But even after 2 days, there was no smell of piss and there was no stain on the sheets. Under the sheets was a small yellow stain, but im thinking that might have been there before since the sheets had no stain on them at all. So then I thought maybe I had a wet dream or something, but i dont think I could produce that much cum to soak my boxers lol and lastly it could have been that I grabbed my water bottle next to my bed and maybe spilled it on myself when i was asleep and didnt realize it. I still think I pissed myself..but I cant even remember the last time I wet the bed. And there was no stains/ and absolutely no smell. I just let the bed air out and the dampness went away after a lil and was was completely fine sleeping in it again. Any one have any ideas? lol
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    Mr. Lahey... You pissed yourself
  3. you pooped out of your dick. what an achievement
  4. You pissed your pants bro, its better to just admit it instead of coming up with crazy reasons on why your underwear is wet
  5. It's called sweat bro....... :facepalm:
  6. You pissed yourself....

  7. im not making excuses lol i was just trying to figure out if it was actually piss cus it had no smell at all
  8. Sounds like sweat bro lol
  9. [ame=]Bad Santa - You Pissed Yourself Scene - YouTube[/ame]
  10. you probably pissed yourself. it wasnt dark yellow and smelly like normal piss because you were drinking alcohol. so it was probably clear as fuck, espeicaly after 10beers plus liquor.

    you probably dont notice a smell, again because its clear but also because you didnt wash ir or anything you dont seem that worried about it so your brain would like, get 'used' to the smell or whatever. if there was a smell you proably got used to it and dont notice it aanymore.

    still though. wash the sheets man, thats gross.

  11. Definitely dude. If I or the area i wake up in is wet both I and the sheets recieve a double washing.
  12. [quote name='"FaQPolice"']Mr. Lahey... You pissed yourself[/quote]

    I just lol out loud, I laughed out loud out loud. Yeuuuppp
  13. you had 10 beers.
    when i drink beer and i take a piss, the urine comes out crystal clear, not yellow. because its mostly water coming out. no smell also..
    so yeah you pissed yourself. no biggie.
  14. You should send your nasties to a lab for testing.
    Science! It works, bitches!
  15. pissed urself or heavy sweating... 10 beers and 2 shots.... u a girl?

  16. naw man. some peoples tolerance to alchohol is really low. if i drank 10 beers and 2 shots i'd be moderately drunk
  17. I went to bed drunk recently and when I woke up not only was I wet, my pillow and sheets were too. I think part of it might be that I may have gone to bed a little wet via sprinklers but I'm pretty sure I just sweat a shit ton.
  18. well i didnt think it was pee and i didnt have a chance to wash anything, as the place did not have a washer or dryer, so i am thinking about saying i forgot something and going up there and just taking the sheets and the matress protector to a laundromat so I dont have to tell my friend what happened. Sound like a good idea blades?
  19. you probably got really hot and sweaty, and all the sweat got absorbed by yoru boxers lol
  20. You pissed your pants but! don't feel bad 'cause alot of people piss themselves when they get to drunk and pass out hopefully I don't get to that point


    10 beer is quite a bit...Depending on %...and 2 shots of whatever he had and depending on the cup...

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