WTF happened to Joaquin Phoenix?!

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeLemenT, Feb 13, 2009.

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    This video pretty much sums it up:


    Is there an explanation?
    Someone said he's acting?
    Is he fucked up?
  2. Your mom happened to joaquin phoenix.

    Clearly hes on drugs, and clearly you dont know what the fucks a search button is.
  3. yes he's acting.
    similar to Borat I guess you can say..
    he's pretty crafty because I believed it at first

    I bet it'll be cool, lol he's a nut
    but I do think he does drugs

  4. I was watchin some shit on vh1 where dude looked FUCKED UP on somethin, and he was asking wether or not he had a large frog on his head....

    Take a drug addict to know a drug addict I guess...
  5. Element your mom still happened to joaquin phoenix.... :)
  6. :confused: Didnt work, said something about not being in the right country ?

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