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WTF happened to Jnco jeans?

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by housefullOweed, Oct 13, 2009.

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    I cant stand all these company's out these days south pole, ecko, ect, their jeans suck they are not durable or comfortable and they all look pretty fucking ghey imo fucking wigger wear.

    So my question is wtf ever happened to jnco? They made some of the coolest pants ever imo.

    Anyways like i said im not such a bastard any more but ill always remember those mammoths as the pants i popped my b/e cherry in. If any one has a pair of mammoths 36x32 38x32 or 40x32 in decent condition let me know i will gladly buy them from you.


    Just showing my love for jncos.
  2. Juggalos started wearing them

  3. Lmao...um we all grew up a bit I suppose. That's like asking where parachute pants went...it was a trend that is long gone.
  4. They went to england
  5. People attained actual style, that's what happened to JNCO.

    Who wants to wear pants that you can fit 4 people into anymore.

    "Juggalos- hated for being gangster posers who think they're killers"
  6. LMAO I remember those omg Im pretty stoned and you brought back supressed memories man. R.I.P JNCO
  7. People actually wore JNCOs?

    I'm sorry, but wearing jeans with a flaming skull, or a dragon, on the back pocket just makes you look like a fool...even more of a fool with the sizes you requested above. Too much material. Just get some jeans that fit remotely well and go buy an iron on. Instant JNCOs
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    Meh im 6.2 i weigh 200 something pounds and i have big thighs in my gfs words i look like a silver back naked. I like comfortable pants while i agree that the mammoths 40 inch leg is a bit ridicules cause they are bigger then the waist in most cases i still want them for memorabilia. Other than that i just loved jncos straight leg style & designs i would rather have flaming skulls or a kangaroo on my ass than a ghey ass rhino.
  9. I think JNCO's went out with ICP...which is to say they were never really in.
  10. LMAO!!! I think you just owned the whole JNCO style with one statement. Kudos to you my man.

  11. LOL!!!! +rep my friend. And your right, I wore JNCO jeans in middle school when I listened to ICP (before I realized they were just a buncha clowns, pun intended)
  12. Jncos were sweet, then I went to middle school
  13. JNCO reminds me of the old days. although i never actually wore them [​IMG]
  14. [email protected] whole thread
    jnco jeans? ...seriously?
    i have never seen a respectable person wearing jncos
  15. How the fuck did my thread become an icp hating thread? This is hilarious coming from stoners guilt by association ftw i guess? I thought they had cool designs and a cool style but i guess they suck because juggalos wore them?
  16. For those of us old enough to remember, JNCO's actually were cool for a while. Think it was my 5th or 6th grade year, EVERYONE (at least all the cool peeps) were wearing them.
  17. Who the fuck cares about being respectable in a society like ours?
  18. Yeah, when I was in fifth grade if you didn't have some huge Jnco or Paco jeans, you were so lame
  19. Nah they also suck because you wore them. Thug life.

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