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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Trevo4311, May 15, 2010.

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  1. So I ordered a bong on 420, got standard shipping for it. And I still haven't gotten it. It said 2-14 days and its been almost a month. I've sent a support message to them and they say 48 hours I should have a response, well its been 48 hours and no response? Where the hell is my bong?:mad:
  2. It must of died
  3. Uhhhh this is the wrong forum. SJ isn't going to see your message here.

    The guy has been busy as hell lately with the server upgrade and whatnot. Just wait it out or PM RMJL.

  4. Didn't expect them to see it just ranting about how shitty GC shipping service is. They also waited about a week until they actually decided to ship it cause I had talked to the support guy and he said it mailed on the 26th but I ordered it on the 20th, I don't see why they had to wait 6 days to ship it.

    Also I've seen reviews on the bong I bought that say they ordered it on the 20th and got it like may 5th or earlier. I live on the East coast I don't see why it would take this long for any package to ship.
  5. Please wait till monday for a reply, just to make sure, send me a pm with your order # and I'll doublecheck

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