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  1. Today i'm pretty sure I got scammed in a wierd ass way. I was sitting outside a sandwich shop with 2 friends and this guy comes up and asks to use my phone. When he was calling his friend he took forever and told us stories about how he's a traveling magazine salesman. After 10 minutes of being on hold he talks to his friend and says pick me up at the sandwich place and walks away. I just looked at my phone I had 20 long distance calls which will probably rack up my phone bill. I've never heard of someone getting scammed this way i'm pissed.
  2. you should go beat his ass
  3. Does not sound like a scam, but that sucks if your phone bill racked up.
  4. cant even let people use your phone these days
  5. not sure about "scam", but theres no doubt that guy was kind of a dick? But hey, you gave him your phone.
  6. I lent my phone to this native bitch awhile ago for a "2-minute call" that ended up being like 20mins. I wanted to tomahawk a bitch.
  7. i would have just lied about my lack of minutes, and therefore denied him use of my phone.
  8. yeah its possible to set up a # that charges X amount of dollars per minute. usually people get into the phone wirelessly and make it call the number. it stays on the line until the person looks at the phone and hangs up, could take 1 minute, could take a few hours lol. its tottaly possible he could have done this to you but by the way you described. try googling the numbers he dialed and see if they come back as anything.
  9. If you're doing anything really illegal.. they're tracking you man :eek: Change your phone plan.

    If you're an average joe, fuhgeeet abowt it
  10. don't be so compliant lol
  11. Most cell phones don't charge extra for long distance, as long as it's not out of the country.
  12. You probably should have thought about it before you lent him your phone. I guess you're lucky that he didn't run off with it or anything. Lesson learned, eh?
  13. Yeah i'm not sure if it was a scam or not but i'll see when the phone bill comes.
  14. You should get a better phone service lol. I only thought home phones charged for long-distance?

  15. This. It is very possible he set up a number to charge a shitload of money for every minute that he was on your phone and the money goes directly to him. But i highly doubt it far to much effort for little gain that could be done with less effort such as hacking into phones Bluetooth which is how they generally perform this scam.

    Call your provider and ask if your unsure or just wait for the bill to come, just a heads up it could be incredibly high.
  16. hey op it is possible that he just used your phone to buy some thing. There is a service called dao pay and other services, that you start online, you get a order number, and then you call it of a phone, contract phone were you are billed monthly, or a house phone with a monthly bill. So you might have some charges..
  17. If it is anything serious the phone company I can probably fix it. I had $400+ in SMS charges I wasn't responsible for and it was taken care of.

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